A Christmas Wishlist fit for a Movie Star

A Christmas Wishlist fit for a Movie Star

It’s that time of year where we are all colating wishlists for Santa, and while my real life Christmas list has become all about clocks, hoovers & other very boring Mum requests it’s still fun to fantasise about all of those things money (lots of it!) can buy. Inspired by some of my favourite films I thought I would share with you my Movie Star Christmas List, a collection of the iconic items owned by my favourite movie characters, just for a bit of fun really.

First on my list would be Rosehill Cottage. The beautiful little country cottage Iris lives in in The Holiday. It might be tiny but oh my goodness doesn’t it just look idyllic? The exposed beams, quirky little rooms And THAT bath. Santa, if you feel like buying me a house this year, that one will do just fine. Kate-Winslets-Rosehill-Cottage-in-the-movie-The-Holiday

*image sourced from HookedonHouses.net – She’s posted a lovely little house tour post! 

I’m not sure I know any woman who doesn’t swoon over Carrie Bradshaw’s Wardrobe every time they watch Sex and The City. I’d even take the ‘Toss’ pile! I think my favourite has to be that little ballerina dress, not to mention that Vera Wang Wedding dress. rehost%2F2016%2F9%2F13%2Ffb128706-0e35-4c22-ace6-3056297cf63b


Whenever I think of Christmas in the future I always picture a huge family Christmas, filled with children and friends sitting around a huge dining table like the Weasley’s in the Harry Potter Movies. It might not be fancy or grand but all that love around it? Yes please.W

She’s my idol for sure, so Bridget Jones couldn’t not get a mention. While I blog a lot our lives right here, there’s still something so lovely to me about writing things down on paper and what better medium to use than that that Iconic Red diary.Bridget_Jones_Diary_RepResolutions_webthumb_640x360_640x360_368899651988


Chill Money have put together this graphic explaining the real life cost of the lives some of the characters in our favourite Christmas Movies. I’ve never really stopped to think about it properly before, but some of the facts are quite shocking! infographic-V2 (2)

What would you add to your Movie Star Christmas List?

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Chill Money.

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