5 Ways to Celebrate Baby’s First Christmas

5 Ways to Celebrate Baby’s First Christmas

December is finally upon us and I don’t know about you but after a super busy year, I am so excited for the countdown to Christmas. Over the next 25 days I’ll be sharing some fabulously festive content here as well as the usual pregnancy and toddler updates you’re used to seeing, so if you’re in the mood for all the cute Christmas ideas, weekend blogs and more make sure you pop back each day to see what’s new. I can’t quite believe that we are already getting ready for Florence’s second Christmas, so today I’m throwing it back to last year and sharing some ideas on how you could celebrate the momentous occasion that is your baby’s first Christmas.

Capture precious memories with a festive photo shoot

This is such a lovely way to capture the magic of Baby’s First Christmas and will be a great keepsake for years to come. You could book a professional shoot or try your hand a taking the photos yourself. We had so much fun with Florence snapping these shots in a little DIY photo shoot at home. 

Send personalised Christmas cards

We used the photographs I took to make some personalised Christmas Cards for family and friends and they went down a treat. If you’re feeling a bit arty you could try and make some cute little reindeer footprint ones instead.

Take your baby to see Santa

Granted, baby will have absolutely no idea what’s going on but taking them to see Santa to mark their first Christmas is kind of an obligatory event! Be warned, it might not go exactly as you pictured (Florence did a giant poo while sitting in Father Christmas’ lap and screamed the whole time) but we did get a funny photo and it’ll be a memory I will be able to share with her in years to come. Fingers crossed this year will be a bit more successful.

Do some Christmas sensory play

There are loads of festive play ideas on Pinterest for babies. We made a little sensory discovery box for Florence last year.

Go to Christmas themed baby groups and classes

If you already take your little one to regular baby groups or classes then you’re bound to have heard all about their plans for the festive season. Most do Christmas themed days which are also a lovely opportunity to introduce yourself & baby to a new class and meet new people too.

Wishing you a wonderful Advent however you choose to mark your little one’s first Christmas.

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