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What Florence got for her birthday – The Ultimate First Birthday Gift Guide

What Florence got for her birthday – The Ultimate First Birthday Gift Guide

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while but have only just got around to do it. A few of you have asked to see what Florence got for her birthday and so I’ve put together a little (actually incredibly long) list of […]

A step back to move forward: A Little Life Update

A step back to move forward: A Little Life Update

Things are about to look a lot different around here as we prepare to make some pretty big life changes. We are swiftly outgrowing our little house. I honestly underestimated just how much room little people take up and with our plans to expand our […]

50+ Simple Baby Play essentials you probably already have at home

50+ Simple Baby Play essentials you probably already have at home

With so many lovely responses to my recent Simple Baby Play posts, I thought I would finally get around to sharing with you a list of items I class as baby play essentials. These are all things that I have built up over time and most of them are things you will more than likely have in your house already, and the rest I either picked up at Wilko, Tiger, The Works or Poundland. They are my four go to store for picking up little bits for play which don’t cost a bomb. When it comes to storing everything, we have a little plastic drawer unit in our conservatory where most of it lives, but you could use a large plastic box, a spare cupboard or drawer. One thing to bare in mind is, as some of the items are quite small, I keep the contents out of reach of Florence so for safety reasons, she can’t just help herself to these things.

Kitchen Utensils (wooden spoons, spatulas, whisk, measuring spoons etc)


Cookie Cutters

Plastic Cups – Stacking or otherwise

Brushes (Hair, nail, pastry, make up)

Rubber ducks

Miniature Vehicles

Miniature Figures





Googly Eyes


Straws – Plastic or paper

Silk Scarves

Balls of all sizes & types

Shower Gels

Baby Oil

Empty plastic bottles

Tuff Spot

Plastic Storage Tubs




Zip Lock Bags

Musical Instruments (You could of course use Pots, Pans & home made shakers too!)

Textured Sticky Back Plastic

Fabric & Ribbon Scraps


Foil Blanket

Ice Cube Trays

Baby Safe Mirrors


Kitchen Roll Tubes

Board Books (See our favourite baby board books here.)

I hope you’ve found this little list of baby play essentials useful. If you’re looking for some ways you could use them within your play, you can check out my baby play posts here. 

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Vital Baby Start Weaning Set Review

Vital Baby Start Weaning Set Review

Like with most things when it comes to a baby, when you enter into the world of weaning there’s a whole lot of stuff out there that you’re constantly told you will need. However, when we started weaning Florence, I was completely unprepared and ended […]

What makes a good Baby Changing Facility? | AD

What makes a good Baby Changing Facility? | AD

As a new Mum, one of the things your realize fairly quickly is that any trip out of the house revolves around where and when you’re going to change & feed your baby. Being too far away from a changing facility or somewhere you can […]

Changing up my look for Autumn

Changing up my look for Autumn

Autumn is by far my favourite season of all when it comes to make up and fashion trends. After a summer of minimal make up & relaxed ombre hair I am looking forward to changing it up a bit. Ellisons, the home of wholesale hair salon supplies, have released their trend predictions for the coming few months just in time to give me a bit of inspiration.

During the summer I very rarely where a lot of eye make up but now that Autumn is upon us, I am looking forward to getting my eye palettes back out and creating lovely warm earthy looks with the addition of some striking metalic shades for extra glam which are set to be in this season. Ellisons_Eye_Page_1

Nothing screams Autumn like dark lips! Reds, purples & oranges are my favorite shades for fall and while more recently I have stuck to neutral pinks & nudes I am ready to be a bit more daring when it comes to lip colour this season. Ellisons_Lip_Page_2

When it comes to my hair, While rainbow stripes might not be for me, I am hoping to have it coloured a lovely auburn colour and find the time in the mornings to curl it a bit more to add some volume. I really would like to learn how to do some more casual up -do’s too. thumbnail_Ellisons_Hair_Page_2


Will you be changing your look this Autumn?

*This is a collaborative post.

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Our Daily Routine

Our Daily Routine

We were so lucky that Florence settled into a routine pretty much from day one. I’ve had so many comments and questions about how we got into a routine so early on and while we took her lead for the most part there were a few […]

Reduced Fetal Movements at 36+5 Weeks Pregnant

Reduced Fetal Movements at 36+5 Weeks Pregnant

Well there really is never a dull moment around here and our little drama baby is definitely living up to her name! After a stressful few days, we ended up on the antenatal ward at the hospital yesterday after our normally super active baby decided […]