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Post Holiday Beauty Essentials

Post Holiday Beauty Essentials

I love getting everything ready for going on holiday. My favourite part of the lead up is going out and buying all of the holiday essentials, but often we forget that we might need a few things for when we get back too. I have […]

Mexico Holiday Diary – Day 4 –  Cocktails and Hidden Spots of Heaven

Mexico Holiday Diary – Day 4 – Cocktails and Hidden Spots of Heaven

On our fourth day we were finally able to relax into our holiday and had established a good weekend which worked for all four of us. My body clock was still on work hours, and so I was still waking at 6am or earlier. I […]

Holiday Diary – Day 3 – The Attack of the ‘Guanas

Holiday Diary – Day 3 – The Attack of the ‘Guanas

Day three of our holiday is one we will not forget in a long while.

It started so well. I woke up at 5am and while everyone slept I took myself for a walk along the white sandy beach – a mile in memory for my dear friends Star of the Sea and took in the pretty amazing surroundings. There really is nothing quite like the sound of the waves and feeling the sand between your toes.

Matilda Mae in Mexico Beach

The rest of the day was… Eventful. To say the least. Initially for reasons I am contractually not allowed to post about which involved an underwhelming ‘treat’ and three VERY angry Mexican ladies. Not to mention two grumpy Mr Smiths and an exhausted and exasperated T & I. We are looking back now and laughing at the whole thing til our sides hurt but let me just say this… That morning was traumatic at the very least.

Anyway, we retuned to base camp for a second day of sunbathing and sipping cocktails. After a dip in the pool we  ventured off to the ‘Snack Shack’. I’d not been before, the day prior the boys had made the mid morning snack run for us. I returned to the bed with my plate of chicken nuggets and a good handful of ketchup sachets… What? I am on holiday. It’s a perfect elevenses snack! Ha. I took one bite. ONE bite of ONE NUGGET, and then as if the elevenses Gods all aligned and fought back against my terrible mid morning snack choice, the biggest Iguana (‘Guana for short) and his friends who Sean had named Sheldon, Norman, Neville & Stevie the day before ran towards me at top speed. Apparently ‘Guanas are bigger fans of nuggets than I and if I hadn’t run and jumped into the baby pool dropping my plate in Sean’s lap, I  am certain they would have tough me to the death.


Thank goodness for Dean & his blue towel swaying techniques which seemed to send them back to where they came from. You can guarantee I spent the rest of the day on edge. I swear they were planning their next ambush.


After lunch in the buffet restaurant (way way away from any ‘Guanas) we headed back to the pool and spent a large proportion of the afternoon at the swim up bar and then a quick stroll along the beach with everyone else followed by a quick return to our hotel rooms for a snooze & shower before dinner at the Mexican A La Carte.



I had burritos and drank water. Despite this, as I stood and walked out I got a sudden bout of the giggles and felt incredibly tipsy. Perhaps I was having a delayed reaction to the couple of… Okay… six Caribbean punches… And maybe that mimosa.

The boys went back to the rooms to collect something – what it was escapes  me now – so me and T had a good girly chat and then we all watched the entertainment ‘Mexico’s got Talent’ and took ourselves to bed. Not that I slept very well, I was far too excited for it to be tomorrow again.

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Mexico Holiday Diary – Day 2 – Settling in

We woke at 5am on day two. I was too excited to sleep any longer and so I dragged Mr out of bed and we got ready to go and enjoy our first full day here at the Grand Palladium Colonial hotel. Sean & I […]

Mexico Holiday Diary – Day 1 – The Journey

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Holiday Countdown – What’s in my Cabin Bag?

Holiday Countdown – What’s in my Cabin Bag?

I have been going on and on at Mr about wanting one of those wheely cabin bags having watched Zoella’s travel bag video a few weeks ago and so when I finally found one that didn’t cost more than the holiday itself it snapped it up!

As this will be my first long-haul flight I am packing everything I can possibly think of as I am really dreading being stuck in one space restricted place for 11 hours +.


We are travelling on the new Thomson Dreamliner and so we will have access to a selection of films, TV & music for the duration of the flight but will need to take our own headphones. I have chosen these Gummy ones from Boots. I am a nightmare with stepping on or losing earphones constantly and so I’ve packed an extra pair in my main luggage too just in case.

I will also be taking my laptop on board the flight so that I can do some last minute admin work before landing in paradise. It also means I will be able to sit and edit any photos taken that morning, or on the plane right away so they’re ready to post once we are all settled in.

It is always a bit of a tradition for me to buy a few magazines at WHSmiths while we are waiting to be called at the Airport. They tend to last me the entire holiday, not to mention the flight and the puzzles at the back are ideal for passing time.


We are taking a Neck Pillow & Sleep Mask each as there is nothing worse than getting a stiff neck after a quick nap on a long flight. Normally, I would just rest my head on Mr’s  shoulders but he is a fidget bum at the best of times. The sleep mask will come in handy as we are likely to be getting up in the small hours to travel to the airport and with the time difference being so big I will definitely be wanting some undisturbed sleep – I am useless at getting to sleep with the lights on. I got this Sleep pillow from Matalan.

I’m not sure whether it’s just me, but I get absolutely freezing sitting on the plane with the air conditioning blasting all around me. I am going to take a hoodie & some socks just in case.

Ibuprofen for just in case a headache strikes.

I am generally quite anxious anyway and so the thought of flying is only likely to enhance that so I will have some Kalms with me to try and take the edge off.

 Beauty / Hygiene

You never know what germs you will come across in the airports either side and the plane itself. I am going to be taking this Carex Travel Hand Sanitiser with me to minimise any bacteria – noone wants to be ill on holiday!

I can’t think being cooped up on a plane for 11 hours is likely to keep me smelling fresh and lovely so I am going to take a little vial of Avon’s Little Black Dress with me to spritz upon arrival in Cancun.

I picked up this little Benefit beauty pack in Boots the other day and thought it’d be perfect for touching up my makeup just before landing. It contains a miniature Pore-fection, Bad Gal Mascara and some High beam Higlighter too.

The air conditioning doesn’t only make me freeze but dries my skin and lips out too. I am taking some Vaseline shea butter lip balm to avert any lip cracking before the real holiday selfies can be taken ;).

I  am going to be taking a Miniature packet of wet wipes on board just in case there are any spillages or my make up needs removing / re-touching.

Travel Essentials



English & Mexican Money

Is there anything I’ve missed? I’ve never been on a long haul flight before so if you have any more suggestions, I would really appreciate them!

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Holiday Count Down – Top Tips for Packing!

Holiday Count Down – Top Tips for Packing!

Packing  for a holiday *should* be easy. In fact for Mr it is. He’s bunged all of his stuff into his tiny (compared to my giant sized suitcase) holdall and he’s already ready to go! For me it’s a little more complicated. There has to be […]

Holiday Countdown – Our Mexico Holiday Bucket List

Holiday Countdown – Our Mexico Holiday Bucket List

Exactly one month today I will be heading to Mexico with Mr, his brother and his wife for a blissful two week holiday and I am soooo excited. I am going to be doing a series of count down posts in the lead up to […]