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Howletts – The Aspinall Wild Animal Park

You might have seen on twitter over Easter that Mr ventured off for a weekend of Mountain Climbing in an attempt to complete the three peaks challenge. Faced with the prospect of spending Easter on my Lonesome, I had planned things to keep me busy over […]

Our Hayling Island Holiday

Our Hayling Island Holiday

Back in September we spent a long weekend in an old childhood haunt of mine with Sean’s family. Hayling island is a small island off of the south coast of England, in Hampshire. I used to go there with my parents when I was younger […]

St Leonard’s on Sea & The Bathing Hut

St Leonard’s on Sea & The Bathing Hut

We’ve just returned home from a week away to St Leonards, a little sea side town just outside of Hastings. We stayed at the Combe Haven Holiday Park in a pet friendly caravan. I think I will write a little bit more about the holiday park & caravan in another post, but today I wanted to share with you a little bit about the beach we visited almost every day.

On our first full day there, Sean, Mum, Alfie & I, after a morning of sunbathing, decided to take a walk towards the sea. We were still getting our bearings, and so we *might* have taken a few wrong turns here and there and it *might* have taken twice as much time to get there but we ended up on a lovely little pebbly dog friendly beach just along from Hastings seafront.

Here we found rows & rows of pretty coloured beach huts and we took full advantage of the gorgeous weather sat looking out to sea. Sean & Alfie (if somewhat reluctantly) even had a little paddle in the sea.

Beach Huts at St Leonards


After, we decided to have a little wander along a little further and came across The Bathing Hut – a little fast food hut tucked in between the beach huts which serves a variety of freshly cooked fast food with a difference. Their menu options range from your regular bacon sarnie to fisherman’s burgers, pulled pork to sweet potato fries.

The Bathing Hut

When we arrived, we went up to order. We’d each chosen something different from their mouth watering menu and were quite looking forward to strolling back along the beach while filling our faces. Sadly though, when we went to order, we were told how someone had broken into their fairly new business and stolen everything from their read rolls to their generator two nights previously and because of it being Bank Holiday, they had not had chance to replenish their stock.. Quite frankly we were all a bit shocked that someone would do that to any one, let alone a new, fledgling business.

We ordered a portion of chips to share instead and while we waited I noticed some more lovely little quirks about this little place. The had dog treats on offer, free sun lotion for anyone who needed it and ample seating looking out to the sea. Dave & Mark who run the Bathing Hut are genuinely nice guys and if you are ever in the Hastings area and fancy something a little bit different wander along (about 20 minute walk) the sea front I thoroughly recommend a visit here.

The Bathing Hut Collage

We frequented this little strip of seaside a lot throughout the week and though we all developed a little love for it, it’s safe to say it became Alfie’s new favourite place ever – knocking Sean’s mum’s back garden out of the top spot!

It was quiet and there were very few other dogs or people around which meant he was able to roam freely between us, chasing after pebbles, slowly slowly making friends with the sea and when noone was looking too much, even practice his swimming skills. Ha..

The beach is dog friendly all year round and there are instructions at the start of each part about whether your dog should be on a lead or can swim in the water. There are plenty of poo bins dotted along too and very little litter which always makes for a nice place to visit, I think anyway.

With it only being an hour away from where we live, I can see us paying this little seaside a few more visits before the year ends.

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Post Holiday Beauty Essentials

Post Holiday Beauty Essentials

I love getting everything ready for going on holiday. My favourite part of the lead up is going out and buying all of the holiday essentials, but often we forget that we might need a few things for when we get back too. I have […]

Mexico Holiday Diary – Day 4 –  Cocktails and Hidden Spots of Heaven

Mexico Holiday Diary – Day 4 – Cocktails and Hidden Spots of Heaven

On our fourth day we were finally able to relax into our holiday and had established a good weekend which worked for all four of us. My body clock was still on work hours, and so I was still waking at 6am or earlier. I […]

Holiday Diary – Day 3 – The Attack of the ‘Guanas

Holiday Diary – Day 3 – The Attack of the ‘Guanas

Day three of our holiday is one we will not forget in a long while.

It started so well. I woke up at 5am and while everyone slept I took myself for a walk along the white sandy beach – a mile in memory for my dear friends Star of the Sea and took in the pretty amazing surroundings. There really is nothing quite like the sound of the waves and feeling the sand between your toes.

Matilda Mae in Mexico Beach

The rest of the day was… Eventful. To say the least. Initially for reasons I am contractually not allowed to post about which involved an underwhelming ‘treat’ and three VERY angry Mexican ladies. Not to mention two grumpy Mr Smiths and an exhausted and exasperated T & I. We are looking back now and laughing at the whole thing til our sides hurt but let me just say this… That morning was traumatic at the very least.

Anyway, we retuned to base camp for a second day of sunbathing and sipping cocktails. After a dip in the pool we  ventured off to the ‘Snack Shack’. I’d not been before, the day prior the boys had made the mid morning snack run for us. I returned to the bed with my plate of chicken nuggets and a good handful of ketchup sachets… What? I am on holiday. It’s a perfect elevenses snack! Ha. I took one bite. ONE bite of ONE NUGGET, and then as if the elevenses Gods all aligned and fought back against my terrible mid morning snack choice, the biggest Iguana (‘Guana for short) and his friends who Sean had named Sheldon, Norman, Neville & Stevie the day before ran towards me at top speed. Apparently ‘Guanas are bigger fans of nuggets than I and if I hadn’t run and jumped into the baby pool dropping my plate in Sean’s lap, I  am certain they would have tough me to the death.


Thank goodness for Dean & his blue towel swaying techniques which seemed to send them back to where they came from. You can guarantee I spent the rest of the day on edge. I swear they were planning their next ambush.


After lunch in the buffet restaurant (way way away from any ‘Guanas) we headed back to the pool and spent a large proportion of the afternoon at the swim up bar and then a quick stroll along the beach with everyone else followed by a quick return to our hotel rooms for a snooze & shower before dinner at the Mexican A La Carte.



I had burritos and drank water. Despite this, as I stood and walked out I got a sudden bout of the giggles and felt incredibly tipsy. Perhaps I was having a delayed reaction to the couple of… Okay… six Caribbean punches… And maybe that mimosa.

The boys went back to the rooms to collect something – what it was escapes  me now – so me and T had a good girly chat and then we all watched the entertainment ‘Mexico’s got Talent’ and took ourselves to bed. Not that I slept very well, I was far too excited for it to be tomorrow again.

You can see all other entries and previous travel posts here. 

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