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5 Room on the Broom inspired play ideas

5 Room on the Broom inspired play ideas

After a pretty magical Halloween with my littles, I’m back with yet another Room on the Broom inspired post – this time I’m sharing some of our favourite ways to play out our favourite story. Dress up Florence dressed up as the Witch for her […]

Lanka Kade Wooden Animals {Review}

Lanka Kade Wooden Animals {Review}

As you probably know by now, Florence loves animals. Last year while looking for birthday presents for her I stumbled upon a range of chunky wooden toy animals that looked like they were more than up for the challenge of surviving a one year old’s […]

DIY Easter Bunny Treat Bag Tutorial

DIY Easter Bunny Treat Bag Tutorial

So you guys seemed to love my DIY reindeer food sack  tutorial at Christmas so much, so I thought I’d try and recreate something similar for Easter. These little Bunny treat bags are just the cutest and add a lovely extra touch to your Easter Gifts.

I’ve used them to wrap up plastic fillable eggs or small treat size Easter Eggs like Cadbury’s Creme Eggs but you could always size up and use them to wrap bigger eggs or gifts if you fancied too.

What do you need?

Square of Pastel Coloured Fabric

Googly Eyes

Elastic Band


Plastic / treat size Easter Egg

White Pom Pom or Cotton Wool Ball

How to make a DIY Easter Bunny Bag

Lay your fabric square down on a flat surface with a corner pointing to you. Lay your egg (this one here is filled with homemade play dough, but you could fill yours with anything you like) and roll it up inside the fabric until you meet the opposite corner. You’ll have a sausage like shape with a pointed end either side.

Bring each end up to the top and cross them over to make the ears, using the elastic band to keep them in place.

Stick two googly eyes to the front. I used a hot glue gun as it just sticks better but you could use PVA glue if you have more patience than I do!

Turn your bunny bag around and stick the white pom pom to the back to make the tail.

Finish it off by tieing a ribbon around the bottom of the ears.

How cute do these look? I’ve made a couple of these for each of the children in our family and filled them with all sorts of treats including homemade play dough, chocolate buttons and sensory eggs.

They’d look super cute at different stations around an Easter Egg hunt or you could add them to your own little one’s Easter Basket like I have for Florence.

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A Week of Play – 7 Sensory & Small World Tray Ideas for Toddlers

A Week of Play – 7 Sensory & Small World Tray Ideas for Toddlers

With William still so dependent on me at just 7 weeks old, Florence is having to entertain herself quite a lot at the moment – especially when I’m feeding him. We have a pretty set routine in the mornings now but after lunch & nap […]

Flower Plot Tuff Spot Play

Flower Plot Tuff Spot Play

We had a morning of cancelled plans and grumpy babies this morning so by lunchtime we were all going a little stir crazy. We had to wait in for a parcel so couldn’t head out anywhere so I took some inspiration from my Play Hooray […]

Easter Toddler Crafts: Decorating Chicks

Easter Toddler Crafts: Decorating Chicks

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve really rediscovered my passion for baby & toddler play & planning activities to do with the children. So much so, I’ve planned a whole month of spring related activities from tuff spots to days out to keep Florrie entertained each day and also enhance her development in areas such as her speech. Today, after a busy morning of digging & planting at my Mum’s Allotment we came home to do some Easter crafts.

I’d picked up these foam chicks from a bargain shop near to us last week and until today hadn’t really given much thought to what we would do with them. I set out two chicks, a pot of different coloured feathers, some googly eyes, PVA glue & a glue spreader on the highchair tray and invited her to come and play. She had reached the point in the day where she’d skipped her nap and was flagging a bit so I wanted to give her something she could do quietly.

As well as this being a crafty activity, it also offered a lot of opportunity for sensory stimulation.

Glue was a whole new thing to Florence as we’ve never really done this sort of craft before. I squeezed some glue on to the chick and showed her how to spread it with the stick. She copied at first and then started to spread the glue around with her finger.


Together we began to stick each feather on to the chick, each time talking about the colour. Florence is getting really good with identifiying and naming colours now.

We then added some more glue before sticking on a pair of googly eyes, finishing our first chick. 

I then poured some glue on to the second chick and took a step back allowing Florence to have a go herself.  I had separated the coloured feathers out and she chose to take from the yellow pile, sticking them onto the chick one by one, counting in her own little language as she went. I helped her to add the eyes and a little orange foam triangle for a beak.

She seemed to really be enjoying this activity, especially the glue spreading, so I gave her another foam chick and poured out some more glue directly onto it. She spotted the pompoms in the craf tbox and asked for those too so I obliged and poured some out on her tray. Again, we talked about the colours as she stuck them down, one by one.

We ended up making three chicks in total. This was such a simple Easter activity to set up and execute with very limited mess, other than some PVA glue which can be peeled off once dry  (Anyone else used to cover their hand in PVA glue just so they could peel it off when they were little? Oh the wonder of childhood!).  It was a perfect  introduction to glueing and sticking too.

The chicks could be stuck to Easter cards for family & friends or used as decorations. If you can’t get hold of the foam chicks, you could always either draw or print out a chick shape and cut it out instead.

Keep an eye out for more of our Spring play & craft posts over the next few weeks! 

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