Pregnancy #2: Naming our Baby Boy

Pregnancy #2: Naming our Baby Boy

Ahh, here we are again, playing the name game! This time we are tasked with choosing the perfect name for a boy and we’ve found it quite hard so far. I love a good traditional name while Sean is definitely one for more modern choices. […]

Our Mini DIY Maternity Photo Shoot

Our Mini DIY Maternity Photo Shoot

If you’ve been around here for a while then you might remember I had a maternity photo shoot with Alison Lewis Photography while I was pregnant with Florence. The photographs from that shoot are ones I will treasure forever. They perfectly illustrate my excitement and joy […]

What’s in my hospital bag? Packing for a positive birth

What’s in my hospital bag? Packing for a positive birth

I mentioned in my last pregnancy update that this time around I’m going to give hypnobirthing a go for a more positive birth experience. My labour and birth with Florence wasn’t exactly traumatic but looking back, I didn’t feel at all in control and so this time I want to take more ownership of the whole experience and dare I say it, even enjoy it? I’ve just completed my course with The Positive Birthing company and already feel so different and even excited about birthing my baby which has spurred me on to properly pack my hospital bag and get things sorted.

I shared the contents of my hospital bag last time around in this post here and some of the things included will be the same, but there are some other things, more geared to creating a positive birth environment this time too so that I’m the event that I can’t have baby at the local maternity unit, I can still take some of that calming atmosphere with me!

First up, what’s in the bag for me?

For Labour & Birth

Copies of Birth Preferences

Maternity Notes

Vest top & loose nightshirt or dress to birth in

I had every intention of labouring in a bikini in the pool last time but frankly there wasn’t time so I just wore a black vest top rolled up on top of my tummy. In case I can’t have my waterbirth, I’ve also packed a loose nightdress to wear.

Dressing gown

I’ve been ogling at Pink Blush’s range of delivery gowns the whole way through my pregnancy and I finally bit the bullet and ordered one this week. Hopefully it will arrive in time! This is for before and after getting in the pool or if I have to labour out of the water and end up walking around the hospital or birth centre. Plus, it’s super soft and will be perfect for slipping on after having the baby.

Hot water bottle

I’ve found that heat really helps ease my pregnancy related pains this time around so I’m packing my sausage shaped hot water bottle to place around my lower back / tummy in the latent stages of labour to try and just make things a little more comfortable.

Hairbands & hair clips (in an easy to grab pouch!)

Drinks, snacks & sucky sweets

One of my cravings this time around has been fridge cold water, so I’ve just picked up a six pack of bottled water and hope that I’ll be able to keep it cool in the fridge at the birthing unit!

Snacks wise, I’ve gone for tracker bars and jelly babies and I imagine I will end up taking some Granny Smith Apples too because again, they’ve been a major craving for me throughout this whole pregnancy.

Lip balm

Battery powered tea lights

I was really struck by what a difference having the lights dimmed made to a birthing room when we visited the birth centre for our tour and how much more homely and relaxed it made everything feel. I’m taking along some battery powered tea lights and candles to sit around the room whether it’s at the birth centre or on the labour ward to bring a little bit of that chilled out vibe.

Relaxing room / pillow spray (Sleepy Mama)

I plan to tap into all five senses through my labour in a bid to stay as relaxed as possible. This relaxing room / pillow spray from the Natural Birthing Company smells divine and will be perfect for spraying around the labour room.

Cool it Mama & Flannels

I think the thing I remember the most from my labour and birth that I also didn’t really expect was feeling so incredibly hot! They set the birthing pool temperature to 37 degrees so that when the baby is born into the water, it’s less of a shock and he doesn’t get too cold but oh my goodness, with all the contractions and pushing at times I felt like I was being boiled in a soup! This time around I’m going armed with flannels that can be dipped in cold water to put on my head and this Cool it Mama face spritz by the Natural Birthing Company in a bid to keep cool.

Baby’s First Outfit

And for after…

Comfortable nightie, Pyjamas with dark bottoms & slippers

My Expert Midwife Spritz for Bits

Seriously, if there’s one product you NEED in your hospital bag for after birth it’s Spritz for Bits. A quick spray down below each time you go to the loo after having your baby immediately cools and soothes your bits and speeds up the healing process too!

My Expert Midwife Fantastic Skin Elastic

As well as a fab bump moisturiser My Expert Midwife’s Fantastic skin elastic also acts as a great massage lotion and I’m going to get Sean to get clued up on ‘light touch massage’ I learned about on my Positive Birthing Course so it might just come in handy.

My Expert Midwife No Harm Nipple Balm

Big knickers

Disposable knickers

For immediately after birth. They can be taken off and thrown straight in the bin once finished with and will add a little bit of peace of mind. I’ll likely still wear my big knickers over the top for an extra layer of protection.

Maternity pads

Washable breast pads

Shower gel, shampoo, conditioner & make up


What have I packed for baby?

Cuddledry Apron Towel

We had this exact same towel for Florence and it was the first thing we wrapped her in when she was born. It’s super soft against newborn skin and will be perfect for drying her off if she’s born in the pool.

Muslin Swaddle Blanket


We always opt for pampers, just because we’ve never had any issues with them.


Cotton wool pads

4 x outfits

I’ve packed all of his outfits into little clear zip lock bags, each one containing a vest, a sleepsuit, a hat, a bib, a pair of scratch mitts and a nappy. The idea is that it’ll save us routing around in the bag trying to find everything and we can just easily grab a pack out of the bag at changing time. One of them is labelled ‘First Outfit’ in case someone else is first to dress him.

Coming home outfit


Mama Designs Blanket




4 x cartons of SMA milk

Gift for Florence

I’ve packed a brand new Hey Duggee Bag with a few of Florence’s favourite things along with some baby related books for baby to ‘gift’ to Florence when she comes to visit.

What’s in the bag for Sean?



Camera charger & fully charged camera battery

Blank SD Card

Clean T-Shirt



Change for the car park & Cash for food

Everything is packed into two bags, my Cath Kidston changing bag has everything we’ll need for labour & birth and the rest is packed into a wheeled suitcase. 


And lastly, what about Florence?

I’ve also packed a little bag for Florence. Obviously she won’t be coming with us when I’m in labour so will end up being picked up by her Grandma or staying with my Mum and sister. So that there’s no need for them to search the house for the basics they’ll need for her, I’ve packed some essentials as well as some treats in her little ladybug suitcase.



Juice cup


Clean bottle


2 outfits




Gift for Baby

There you have it, all packed and ready to go! What was in your hospital bag?

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Pregnancy #2: 34 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy #2: 34 Weeks Pregnant

It’s been five weeks since I last posted a pregnancy update and I will be completely honest, there have been a few moments when I wasn’t sure we were going to make it to this point. I think I’d be under exaggerating to say that […]

What to buy (& what not to buy) for a new baby

What to buy (& what not to buy) for a new baby

Okay, so I’ve recently shared our new baby wishlist for baby number two (you can see what was on our wishlist for Florence here) but I’ve since had a bunch of first time Mama’s ask me my tips and advice on what to buy and what […]

New Baby Wishlist for Baby Number Two

New Baby Wishlist for Baby Number Two

With Baby boy due in just under 9 weeks and after last weeks scare, it’s time to get ourselves ready for him to arrive. As this is our second baby, we have most of the basics we will need including our Joolz Geo Pushchair, Joie Car seat, our faithful Shnuggle Bath, Moses basket and he will eventually move up into Florence’s cot when he outgrows his crib. We have also been very lucky to win a new SnuzPod and a few other bits through some instagram competitions I entered. All that really leaves us with when it comes to essentials are clothes and so my wishlist for baby number two is slightly different to the one I made when I was expecting Florence. This time around, it’s all about making juggling life with two under two that bit easier as well as filling our baby boy’s world with colour.

Things we’d like for baby number two

Mothercare sunshine and Showers bouncer

We never had a bouncy chair for Florence as she spent most of her time either laying on a person, in her Poddle Pod or chilling out in her shnuggle bath once she was a big older. The latter probably seems a bit odd, but it made the perfect place to play! This time however, with a toddler and two dogs around, I think it’s important that baby has his own space where he can kick back and play which is off the floor too. I also love the idea that Florence will be able to interact with him face to face without having to compete for my lap space at the same time. I’ve looked and looked online for one that I love and despite it being one of least expensive I’ve seen, I keep coming back to this Sunshine & Showers one from Mothercare. I love the bright rainbow colours and the simple design.

Hello Friend Quilt

While I’d never actually use it as bedding, I think this Hello Friend Quilt would make a perfect mat for baby to play on upstairs and is big enough for Florence to join him for a spot of sibling bonding too. Plus, how cute is the little animal design?

Extra large Bamboo Rainbow Muslin

Giant Muslins are another absolute must have when it comes to baby buys and this gorgeous rainbow one has been on my wishlist even before we knew this baby was a boy.

Skiphop Amazing Arch Play Mat

The play gym of dreams! We are big fans of Skip Hop and I’m a little bit in love with their Explore and More Amazing Arch Activity Gym. It offers a whole range of play opportunities and grows with baby from newborn to sitting.

Little Bird Muslins

Can you spot a trend yet? I am all about the bright and bold colours when it comes to this baby and the Little Bird by Jools range fits this perfectly. I’d honestly buy everything in the entire collection if I could. These muslin squares are full of colour and I actually love all three of the designs in the set.

Next Bright Animal Sleepsuits

I’m on a mission to find clothes for this baby boy that aren’t grey or dull shades of blue! I don’t think I fully appreciated how hard it is to find nice clothing for boys before. However, Next have some gorgeous multi coloured bits in at the moment and I’m rather taken by this three pack of bright and colourful sleepsuits.

Fred & Noah Penguin Sleepsuit (with matching leggings for Mama & Florence)

I’m not quite sure why, but throughout this pregnancy I’ve been really drawn to penguins for this little boy of ours. I’ve been eyeing up this Fred & Noah sleepsuit for ages and *might* have been dropping a few hints to Sean about him treating me & Florence to the matching leggings.

Percy the Penguin

I’d love a Percy the Penguin from The Gro Company to help soothe him at bedtime. Florence has their Ollie the Owl and it’s fab so it’d be lovely for them to have their own little bedtime buddy.

Poddle Pod

Our Poddle Pod was an absolute God send when we had Florence and I’m hoping to get one for the new baby this time around too. They have so many gorgeous designs but I think the Insignia is my favourite this time around.

Handknitted rainbow baby blanket

Ever since I saw that Lucy (Dear Beautiful) had made little Wylder a beautiful rainbow blanket I have been searching for something similar. I would have made it myself but frankly, I’m useless at crochet or knitting and so I’ve been looking on handmade sites like Etsy to find something I love. I love this one by Kaidalys.

Studio Romeo Baby Sling

I cannot wait to start baby wearing again! If it were not for my giant bump, I’d definitely still be wearing Florence while out and about and I’m really excited to snuggle up with baby boy while we are out and about. Not only will it mean I can keep my hands free to play with Florence, I also won’t have to always take the double pushchair whenever we leave the house. I’ve been eyeing up this Boho Studio Romeo Baby Sling for ages and love how it’s both stylish and functional.

What do you think of my choices? What was on your new baby wishlist for baby number two?

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We aren’t ready for you yet, little boy.

We aren’t ready for you yet, little boy.

It seems this baby boy of ours is set on keeping us on our toes. If you’re following me on Twitter or instagram, you might have seen me talking about how I just have this gut feeling that he will make an earlier than planned […]

The Glucose Tolerance Test – Have I Got Gestational Diabetes?

The Glucose Tolerance Test – Have I Got Gestational Diabetes?

I spent my morning at the hospital today for a variety of pregnancy related tests & injections. One of the things they were testing for was Gestational Diabetes and I thought having been given very little information in the lead up about what to expect […]