Pregnancy #2: 15 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy #2: 15 Weeks Pregnant

I can’t actually believe I’m finally sitting here, 15 weeks pregnant, with an empty lap and an entire hour of time to myself to just write and I think it’s pretty fair to say that this is a post that is more than overdue. I […]

Love2Sleep Maternity Pillow Review

Love2Sleep Maternity Pillow Review

There comes  a time in almost every woman’s pregnancy when sleep begins to elude her. A combination of pregnancy insomnia (yes, that’s a thing!) and sheer discomfort as your body starts and continues to adapt for the tiny human it is busy growing can lead […]

Baby #2 | Finding out we’re pregnant & the first trimester so far

Baby #2 | Finding out we’re pregnant & the first trimester so far

If you’re reading this, then we must have just announced our little secret to the world. If you didn’t see it, and you haven’t gathered from the title of this post (really?), we are expecting baby number 2 in February. How exciting! Anyway, I thought I’d share a little bit about how we came to know about this little bean growing in my tummy, and how the first trimester has been treating me so far. Spoiler Alert: A LOT better than the last time!

Finding out we are pregnant

So those of you who have been around here for a while or who watch my daily ramblings on insta stories, you’ll know baby number two has been in the making for a while. You will also know that we were concerned that conceiving may be just as difficult as it was when we were trying for Florence, as I’ve been suffering a lot from irregular periods and pain on my right side where two large cysts had inhabited my ovaries for some time before. Well, it turns out, that despite the scan showing everything was clear, I just had this strange feeling so on the way home, I picked up a pregnancy test from the chemist and came straight home to do it. Sean was sitting downstairs with Florence while I went up to do the test and as that second pink line showed up I was both shocked and filled with guarded excitement and I think Sean was the same. Baby number two!

The First Trimester

Six weeks pregnant

I actually feel fine. I am waking up for the day fairly early – well, earlier than normal – and the mornings can be a bit of a blur of dizziness but a slow start before Florence wakes up tends to clear that after a while. I’ve had a bit of an upset tummy this week and get a bit nauseous in the afternoons, around 4pm but aside from that and needing an earlier night I feel quite good. I haven’t had any results back from the doctors yet, so nothing had been confirmed about what’s going on in there but the absence of my period and these niggling symptoms are a good sign that the pregnancy is at least going well so far.

I’ve had to head out and buy some clothes to hide this early pregnancy bloat too – thank goodness for H&M – as we’ve only told a select few about the baby this time and I already look about 12 weeks pregnant!

It dawned on me this week that we could actually have a boy! I’m not quite sure why I had t really thought of that before, of course there’s a 50% chance this baby will be a boy, but I think because Florence is a girl I had just automatically assumed this one would be too. Blame baby brain! The prospect of being a boy Mama is actually quite exciting and I’ll confess, I have already browsed the online sales for cute boy bits just to see what is out there.

Seven weeks pregnant

It seems this little bean is taking after its big sister already. I started bleeding this week and we ended up in A&E with a suspected ectopic pregnancy. Thankfully, since then, that seems to have been ruled out but I won’t lie, it was incredibly stressful.

The pregnancy bloat just continues to expand and it is becoming VERY hard to hide my belly. I’ve just been sticking to seeing people who already know about me being pregnant to avoid any awkward situations.

This week a few other symptoms have arrived too – my nipples are incredibly sore, I have had a few intense headaches and I start the day feeling really dizzy.

Eight weeks pregnant

Hello nausea! So I thought had gotten away with it this time round but oh my goodness as soon as the eighth week arrived that constant ‘I’m going to be sick’ feeling came with it and completely knocked me for six! I’ve been looking for some remedies that at least ease it so I can play with Florence during the day and I’ve found that lemon sherberts and always having a big bottle of iced water has helped a little. I’m going to go and pick up some travel sickness bands as well.

The bleeding from last week has continued this week too so we’ve been looking into booking an early scan just to check everything is okay. I don’t feel too worried about it though so that’s a good sign I think!

Nine Weeks Pregnant

Turning nine weeks is quite a milestone for me. This last week has been a busy one with us finally getting started on the packing for our move back to Mum’s, my booking appointment with my midwife and a couple of days of just good, quality time as a family.

Nausea is still in full swing and while I wish I could say it’s killed off my appetite a little, I actually can’t stop stuffing my face throughout the day! It’s terrible. I am determined not to be as big as I was last time around by the time baby comes, so once I can stand without wanting to throw up I really do need to stay as active as possible. I’m also thinking of going back to slimming world and following their pregnancy regime.

My midwife appointment was so much more positive than any of the ones I had the first time around. It’s the same midwife so I’m not sure why, but she was a lot more thorough and chatty and just better. Despite it being early, we talked birth choices and while she was keen for a home birth we agreed that I would aim to go to the birth centre rather than the maternity ward this time just because my birth last time was quite straightforward.

Ten Weeks Pregnant

We started this week with a scan at 9 weeks +1 day having been referred by my midwife last week. She was concerned about the bleeding I’ve been having and just wanted to check everything out. We arrived at our local Early Pregnancy Assessment Centre (not the gynae dept we used to have to go to with Florence) and the midwives there were so so lovely. They talked us through everything they were about to do and also really took an interest in us. It makes me really reassured that I could be having baby at this same hospital in their birthing unit this time. Anyway, we had a very lovely scan with a super wriggly baby all in the right place and healthy.

With this reassurance under our belts we decided to make my pregnancy public! We filmed a little video (you can see it here) and popped it on my blog & social media channels. We had so many lovely messages of congratulations and it feels such a relief to finally not have to hide it!

I’ve been really struggling with the nausea and dizziness in this heat. Poor Florence is having to be played with from the sofa as some days standing up just isn’t an option if I have any intention of not passing out and is being such a good girl. She’s been struggling herself with a poorly ear and cutting two molars.

We are also getting a bit more ready for our house move. I tell you, packing while feeling so crap with a toddler in tow is no mean feat but we’re getting there.

I’ve been reading a lot of my blogging friends posts on their second pregnancy and coping with two under two this week. I’m going to share a big post of some of my favourites soon but head over to Fizzy Peaches & Treasure Every Moment if you’re in a similar position to me.

I think our pregnancy updates will be coming weekly if I can keep on top of them, so watch this space next Monday for our 11 week update.

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Baby number 2

Baby number 2

We have reached that stage, with Florence about to turn one, when the conversation has started to include ‘the next baby’ and we’ve had a few questions lately as to whether or not we will be having another little one any time soon. I know […]

The unsung Heroes of the first Trimester

The unsung Heroes of the first Trimester

For some, the first 12 weeks of pregnancy is notorious for being like something close to torture. Your body shuts down, you’re puking, exhausted, EVERYTHING hurts and to say your emotions are running high would be an understatement. And yet your brain keeps telling you […]

Florence’s Birth Story

Florence’s Birth Story

I am sitting here in a little bit of disbelief that eight days have already passed by since our little Florence made her entrance in to the world. In the same breath, it really does feel like she’s been a part of our family forever. She’s slotted into our life so effortlessly and I really cannot imagine being without her now.

This time last week, I was 40+2 weeks pregnant and operation ‘Get this baby out’ was well underway. I was determined that our daughter would be a May baby. Sean and I had been for a 5k walk every day for almost a week, I was bouncing on that birthing ball like a crazy person at every moment possible and curry was on the menu. None of my shoes fit, getting comfortable was impossible and both Sean & I just couldn’t wait to meet our little girl. We’d even half agreed on a name!

I had my 40 week midwife appointment at which I was expecting to have a stretch & sweep as recommended by the midwife the week before. Imagine my annoyance when I got there and she almost refused to do it!

Another day, another 5k walk around the Lakes. I am 40 weeks and 2 days pregnant today and after another confusing midwife appointment I’m feeling a bit deflated. Last week my midwife said I would be able to have a stretch & sweep today to see if we could get things moving. Today as she went to send me on my way after the normal BP & HR checks I asked about the sweep and she said she’s not supposed to do it until 41 weeks but would do it with my consent. I was a bit taken aback but had been so worked up to have one that I just agreed and said yes. Now I’m wondering if I should have asked more questions. Did you have a sweep at 40 weeks? How did it go? – Posted on Instagram 30/05/2017

Once home, I contacted the lovely ladies at My Expert Midwife who were so reassuring. Lesley completely put my mind at ease and informed me that it is common practice for the procedure to be carried out from 40 weeks. And so, I spent the evening on my birthing ball and writing a huge blogging to do list to keep my  mind busy. By 10.30 I’d given up hope of labour starting that evening and headed off up to bed.

I finally nodded off around 11.15pm but awoke when Sean turned over to give me a cuddle and I felt an excruciating pain from my belly button, around my back and down through my bum. I immediately got up and felt my waters brake.

I phoned the maternity ward and they asked me to go straight in. Contractions were coming thick and fast – roughly every 3 minutes and lasting between 60 – 90 seconds so we were convinced everything was going to happen quite quickly. We jumped in the car, dropped the dog at my Mums and made our way to Pembury Hospital. Of course, the main route to the hospital from our house had a road block! They were resurfacing the road! Sean jumped out of the car and asked the workmen to see if they could clear the way so we didn’t have to make the 30 minute detour and thank goodness they did – we were escorted at 5mph by a tarmac truck until it was clear! Longest couple of miles of my life.

We arrived at the hospital at around 12.40am and once we’d finally found a door that was open after walking the length of the perimeter a couple of times, we were greeted by the maternity triage team. Once they had checked my waters – they were a pinky colour – I was examined and much to my dismay was only 2cm dilated. We were sent home to have a bath & come back when contractions got closer together. They didn’t seem to believe they were already coming every couple of minutes and while we asked for clarification on what to look for we left feeling a little confused. They’d given me some paracetamol & codeine for the pain before we left which didn’t stay in very long at all. Five minutes into our journey home we had to pull over so I could be sick – vomiting mid contraction, hanging out the car at the side of the road possibly wasn’t one of my most attractive moments! Poor Sean just held onto my hand with one hand and frantically searched the hospital bag for a tissue with the other.

It took us 40 minutes to get home & the contractions were still coming at the same 2-3 minute intervals but seemed to up it a notch on the pain scale. I got straight in the bath where I counted up and down from ten through each one with Sean until I could bare it no more and asked him to call my Mum and ask her to come over. She’d either tell me to man up or help us decide whether we should head back to the hospital. And back to the hospital we went – Mum in tow.

Again we were directed to maternity triage and I was examined once more. I couldn’t believe it, three hours had passed and I was still only 2cm dilated! As I begged the midwife not to make me go back home again, she offered me three choices – go home, go for a walk or take some pethidine to ease the pain and see how we got on. Home was definitely not an option, and it’d taken me an age to get from the car to the ward so a walk wasn’t really something I fancied either so I asked for more information on the pethidine and once it was explained that it wouldn’t harm the baby we opted for that.

I don’t really remember much of the four hours that followed, the pethidine knocked me out between contractions which tended to only wake me at the peak of the pain. My mum & Sean took it in turns to be designated hand holder, I think I even bit Sean a couple of times. I just remember being so very hot and sticky & I was losing more & more water with each contraction. At 9am, the midwife came in to assess me and I am sure she was convinced I’d been making it all up as she was quite surprised to find I was now 4cm dilated. Time to get ready to go to the delivery suite. I got up and went to the toilet and Sean & my Mum packed up the few things we’d used from my labour bag ready to go. As we waited while they prepared the pool (Yep! I got my water birth…ish!) , in walked a familiar face – my delivery midwife would be Caroline – one of the first midwives I saw when I fell pregnant – a really lovely, friendly lady who I’d wished had remained in charge of my care all the way along. I was SO pleased to see her!

Once in the warmth of the pool I began to relax a little again, and with the help of gas and air and a whole lot of squeezing Sean’s hand I managed the contractions pretty well. By 1pm I was 9 centimetres dilated. Soon the pushing began. Oh My God. If I thought contractions were painful, they were totally wiped out by the pushing! I made noises I didn’t even know were possible and while the gas & air took me to a very happy & away with the fairies place in between and made the contractions a bit more bearable I’m not sure anything could have made much difference to the pain of the pushing. I just remember thinking ‘Thank God I’m in the water, this would be hell if I had to lay flat or put pressure on my bum / back.”  Florence’s head crowned at around 2.24pm and at this point the temperature of the pool went up and the combination of the heat, the exhaustion and the drugs I was beginning to really struggle. Sean & Mum took it in turns to hold cold, wet towels to my head to keep me cool, offer their hands for squeezing and make sure I was drinking enough. Bless them, I couldn’t have done it without either of them.IMG_0205


After another hour of pushing it became clear that nothing much was really happening despite Caroline’s encouragement and persistence in telling me how well I was doing. She could see that baby had a lot of hair but Baby just could not get through and I was increasingly aware that time was ticking away and I was starting to flag. My Mum got me to change position and tried getting me to stay a bit more upright but after another half an hour had passed and the changeover from Caroline to a new midwife, Charlotte, it was clear there was going to need to be a change in tactics too.

A bed was bought in and after a bit of persuading I got out of the pool and onto it. Despite being completely naked I was still soooo hot and the plastic covered mattress under the bed sheets was making me sweat. I was up on my knees, leaning over the back of the bed and pushing as hard as I could when I begged for someone to please just help me, I couldn’t do it any more. They had trouble finding her heartbeat and I was beginning to panic – she was just in an awkward position but it scared the life out of me.  I laugh at it now, but I was getting so annoyed with them as to why they wouldn’t just reach up and pull her out already! Couldn’t they see I was rubbish at this?! Within about 10 minutes, I’d been turned over, was laying on my back with my legs in stirrups  and had an audience of 6 medical staff, my Mum & Sean all looking back at me, umming and aaahing and watching me push – now with no pain relief at all. Whatever happened then obviously made them all quite happy and the episiotomy  they’d planned to give was called off. Another midwife had joined us and she seemed very old school and to the point and pretty much told me what was what. There was no way she was going to let me take much more time at all.

At 4.51pm Florence’s head was delivered and by 4.57pm she was here. Her little cry filled the room and she was placed on my chest for a cuddle. On her way out, between her head coming and the rest of her, she’d done her meconium poo in my tummy and combined with the rest of the amniotic fluid it went EVERYWHERE! All over her, all over the midwife, all over me and all over the bed & floor. We were all covered in sticky poopy liquid, but I honestly didn’t care, it was over and I’d managed somehow to bring our little girl into the world safe and sound after all this time. The feeling of relief was unreal and swiftly followed by complete shock once I’d delivered the placenta. I couldn’t move or do anything but just lay there, holding my baby girl close to my chest for what must have been about an hour. Somewhere in that time I was examined and by some miracle didn’t need any stitches and Florence was weighed and checked, but honestly that first hour is all a bit of a blur. Birth story

birth story

She was here though, and was the best thing I’d ever seen. She was mine, ours, and not one ounce of the pain, one second of the labour mattered any more. We were already totally and utterly in love. Welcome to the world Florence Ivy.

Florence’s first few hours with us:







Florence Ivy 31052017 4

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