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Review: The Little Book of Self Care for New Mums

Review: The Little Book of Self Care for New Mums

When I was pregnant with Florence I read every parenting book I could get my hands on. It was my inner control freak’s way of preparing for all of possible things that could be thrown at me in those early days as a Mama and […]

Surviving a long car journey with a toddler

Surviving a long car journey with a toddler

It seems just yesterday that I was writing a post very similar to this, except I was sharing my tips for getting through a long car journey with a baby. Today 8 months on Florence is a fully fledged toddler and so our approach has […]

Review: Cuddledry Baby & Me Wash Bag – Packing for a Pool Party

Review: Cuddledry Baby & Me Wash Bag – Packing for a Pool Party

It’s always been a bit of a running joke here that Florence has a better social life than either of us. All through the summer we’ve not had a weekend without a party or play date and that’s set to continue right through to September! A few weeks ago was no different and Florence was invited to not one, but two garden birthday parties and because it’s been SO hot here, there was the promise of a paddling pool at both. Swimmers at the ready! This meant that on top of the usual changing bag of bits and bobs you need for a day out with a toddler, I also needed to find something suitable for holding all of the pool party essentials Florence might need. It had to be waterproof, easy to carry and big enough for all of the stuff we had to take. And then I remembered we had recently been sent a Cuddledry Baby & Me Wash Bag to test out. Would it do everything I needed it to do?

And in short, it can. Fairly small from the outside, the Cuddledry Baby & Me Wash Bag reminds me a bit of Mary Poppin’s bag – it can hold SO much meaning everything Florence needed for a pool party could just be carried in one small, waterproof bag. We packed her CuddleRoar Towel, an extra swimming costume (because trying to put a toddler back into a wet swimming costume is just not something anyone wants to do!), sun cream, swimming nappies, normal nappies, her sunglasses & a change of clothes. Yep. All in that little bag! And here’s the photographic proof in case you don’t believe me… 

As you can see, the bag has two compartments, initially intended to separate Mum & Baby’s toiletries on holiday, however I used one side for all the bits she’d need for the pool (the wet stuff!) and the other for everything she’d need after (the dry stuff). Each of the two sides has a little zip up waterproof compartment where I could pop a wet swimming costume to protect everything else and also have the extra peace of mind that her dry clothes would stay extra dry in the other.  This worked SO well.

As I mentioned before, this bag was designed as a wash bag, and that’s exactly what we’ll be using it for in a couple of weeks when we head off on our family holiday. It comes with two handy fillable bottles so that you don’t have to lug your full size, likely heavy, lotions and potions around as well as offering optimal space for makeup, flannels, wipes, etc for you and all of your baby’s bathtime essentials too.

It is lightweight (even with all the gear inside it, Florence was able to carry it herself), compact and would take up very little space in a suitcase. 

I am also looking to use this as part of my hospital bag for when I have this baby in February. I am going to put all of the things myself and baby might need straight after birth as it makes a perfect grab and go bag that Sean or whoever else who might need to can find easily. 

The Cuddledry Baby & Me Wash Bag retails on the brands own website for £24.99 which I think is actually spot on price wise for all of the use we as a family will get out of it. It is one of Cuddledry’s recent additions to their range alongside the new foam letters and beautiful new toddler towel designs. 

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Dotty Fish Summer Flower Sandals Review

Dotty Fish Summer Flower Sandals Review

It’s not been very long since I last spoke about Dotty Fish. Since discovering the brand and falling in love with their shoes, Florence now has quite an impressive collection. Today, Dotty Fish have asked me to share with you my thoughts on one of […]

Love2Sleep Maternity Pillow Review

Love2Sleep Maternity Pillow Review

There comes  a time in almost every woman’s pregnancy when sleep begins to elude her. A combination of pregnancy insomnia (yes, that’s a thing!) and sheer discomfort as your body starts and continues to adapt for the tiny human it is busy growing can lead […]

What Florence got for her birthday – The Ultimate First Birthday Gift Guide

What Florence got for her birthday – The Ultimate First Birthday Gift Guide

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while but have only just got around to do it. A few of you have asked to see what Florence got for her birthday and so I’ve put together a little (actually incredibly long) list of all of the beautiful gifts Florence was given. Some of you may think that this list is quite excessive for a one year old, but we are part of a very big family and 60 people came to celebrate Florence’s special day. Some of the below were purchased with some of the money she was given too.

Outdoor toys

We very much focussed on buying outdoor toys for Florence from us. She loves getting outside and exploring.

Little Tikes Cozy Coupé

Little Tikes Rocking Horse

Step2 Summer Seaside Towers Water Table*

Little Tikes SmarTrike – This was a gift from Florence’s grandparents and great grandma. I’ve written a little review of it as Florence just loves it so if you’d like to see what all the fuss is about click here.

Pink Tractor Ride On

Animal Hoppers – these were a complete bargain at just shy of £12 each from a shop I hadn’t heard of before called This Is It Stores and we used them for a game at her party too.


Car garage

Happy Land Toy Sets – I love Happy Land but the sets can be so expensive! I managed to pick up the Happy Land Mouse House & windmill farm on a Facebook selling group for next to nothing! My sister just gave me the money for them and gave them to Florence as a birthday present.

Happy Land Fairy Figures

Happy Land Hedgehog

Toy Pram

Upsy Daisy Doll

Hand bag – At just one year old, Florence has quite the handbag collection. She was given two beautiful handmade bags for her birthday and marches around the house with it over her shoulder saying ‘bag’ over and over.

Bonnika Doll – This is actually one of the gifts we bought with her birthday money. It is such a lovely little soft doll and comes complete with a Moses basket and bottle. As soon as I gave it to her, she took the bottle and started feeding the baby.

Safari Wooden Animals Set

Play Doh


Build a Bear dog


My First Years Personalised Photo Frame – I managed to keep it together without any tears or emotional moments over Florence birthday until we unwrapped this beautiful frame from my best friend. I actually sobbed! I was so touched by the love and thought that had gone into putting it together and it will be a wonderful keepsake for Florence as she grows.

Personalised Cloud Book Ends

Hydrangea Plant – As well as the pram and garage, My mum bought her plant that will grow with her through the years.


The Jungle Book & Peter Pan

Julia Donaldson Collection

Happy Birthday Book

Gordon’s Great Escape

Don’t wake bear, hare!

Say Hello to the Baby Animals!

The Birthday Suprise

We’re going on a Bear hunt


Boots Mini Club Short & Tunic Set

Unicorn Day Dresses

Minnie Mouse occasion dress

Navy floral dress


Florence was a very lucky girl! I hope this has helped you with some first birthday gift inspiration for your little one.

Little Tikes 4-in-1 Trike Review

Little Tikes 4-in-1 Trike Review

Florence was bought a trike for her birthday by her Grandparents & and Great Grandma and I really wanted to tell you all about it, because it makes such a great gift for little one’s and Florence absolutely loves it. The Little Tikes 4-in-1 Trike […]

Joie i-Level Car Seat Review

Joie i-Level Car Seat Review

When it comes to things1 you absolutely must buy for a baby, a car seat is at the top of the list. When we had to start shopping for a carseat, despite my previous years working in the baby industry, this was the one area […]