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Toy Review: Hape Xylophone Shape Sorter

Toy Review: Hape Xylophone Shape Sorter

I’ve teamed up with one of my favourite toy brands to share my thoughts on their top picks for Christmas for babies & toddlers as part of my toy review series. Hape are the worlds largest producer of wooden toys priding themselves on their use […]

Toy Review: Christmas Shopping with Wicked Uncle

Toy Review: Christmas Shopping with Wicked Uncle

Over the next few weeks, as we all busy ourselves with Christmas shopping and preparing for the most wonderful time of the year, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on some of the many toys out there on the market for babies & toddlers. I am […]

Review: Making light work of messy jobs with Nimble Babies

Review: Making light work of messy jobs with Nimble Babies

There are three around-the-house jobs that I just loathe as a parent; tackling the bottomless pit of laundry, cleaning the nooks and crannies of the high chair after an inevitably messy teatime and washing the bottles. Thankfully, Nimble Babies have invented a range of miracle products to help make these tasks easier and save us Mama’s (and Dad’s of course) a little bit of time each day so we can focus on the rest of our to-do lists. A while ago, Nimble got in touch to see if I’d like to put their innovative family focussed cleaning products to the test and sent me a bundle of their range to try out and share my thoughts right here with you guys.

Laundry Lover

Anyone else get insanely jealous of fellow mum’s when they post photos online of their freshly empty laundry basket? Me too. I’d seriously question if the illusive empty hamper even existed in real life, but my mother in law stays so impressively on top of her washing pile that I’m not even sure she owns one! I however, am not so organised and while I try and do at least two loads a day, that blasted basket never seems to be anything other than overflowing.

Kids bring with them a lot of things, and an insane amount of washing is one of them. Sometimes Florence can get through four outfits a day and if poo explosions or messy mealtimes aren’t the culprit then often a run around the garden in the mud and grass or a sudden interest in the contents of my makeup bag most likely are. Toddlers and their exploring hey? All of these things no doubt leave marks here there and everywhere on her clothes and quite often I’ve found myself washing things two or three times in a row to try and get rid of the stains before finally giving in and putting them either in the bin or in the messy play pile. Ugh!

Nimble’s Laundry Lover has been designed with a child’s natural ability to get dirty in mind. They know us parents have better things to do with our time (and money) to repeatedly be washing or buying our little one’s new wardrobes every week and so their planet and budget friendly non bio laundry detergent works to elimate a whole host of tough stains while keeping your little one’s clothes as bright or white as they were the day you bought them. Take this adorable, brand new unicorn Hoodie Florence wore for all of five minutes the other day before sneakily helping herself to a packet of wotsits (it was pegged shut from lunch the day before) and slowly but surely covering it in stubborn stain inducing orange dust which only a cheesy puff can create. I popped it in with a normal whites load using a capful of Laundry Lover and an hour later it was returned to its former dazzling white glory – not a hint of orange in sight… not even on the cuffs!

Another winning feature of Laundry Lover for me, is that being very allergic to most detergents and fabric conditioners I have to stick to a certain brand if I’m going to be able to breathe properly while wearing clothes yet, because it’s made from 88% natural ingredients and is only lightly fragranced with no allergens I can use it on my own clothes too without any worry.

Sticky Stopper

Picture this: We all sit down at the dinner table to eat a family favourite spaghetti bolognese and before long Florence is covered head to toe in sauce as well as the straps, cover & table of her fairly new high chair.

Before, this would have resulted in both Florence AND the high chair being swiftly lifted at arms reach into the bath as soon as dinner was finished to avoid either one of them being eternally cursed with an orange tinge. Side note: why are all high chair tables WHITE?! And Yes, my child used to bathe with her high chair. Yours doesn’t?

Okay so, I used to shower it down and leave it to dry while she played with her ducks before scrubbing off the dinner remnants from behind her ears / under her armpits / inbetween her toes etc. No children or high hairs were harmed in this process, but it wasn’t exactly ideal!

While bathing Florence is still necessary, Nimble have found a solution to my high chair cleaning woes – Sticky Stopper Surface Cleaner. A clever bleach-free solution which seems to be completely unphased by even the stickiest, stain culprits you can think of and makes light work of cutting through grease and residue left behind by mucky toddlers! A squirt of Sticky Stopper wiped over with a cloth allows us to quickly and effortlessly clean the high chair after every meal leaving it free of mess, stains and germs. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

Sticky Stopper isn’t just for high chairs though, you can use it all over the house to de-germify (not a real word, but it should be) all sorts of surfaces including toys, tables, floors -including carpets! – and more. Say goodbye to mucky handprints, lingering germs and sticky jammy toast residue on your dining table.

Milk Buster

I’ve saved the best and most impressive product for last – Milk Buster. I’m not sure why, but washing the baby bottles is both of our least favourite chores and I’ve lost count of the times we’ve actually had races to get away from doing them first so that the other one has to instead! It’s not even that big of a job but it can be tedious trying to get rid of any stubborn milk build up which inevitably cause bottles to go cloudy and sometimes even get a bit smelly. Well, using Milk Buster means you need worry about that no more, as with just a simple spray into the bottle, teat and ring, the plant based ‘ingredients’ get to work quickly to detach any milk proteins and fats from the plastic leaving them as clear as they were when you bought them and completely odour free.

Even by washing already cloudy bottles with the Milk Buster, I could really see the difference before & after use.

Apparently it works just as well on breast pumps too, so breastfeeding mama’s this could be as much of a must have for you as it is for me!

Overall, I’m incredibly impressed with the Nimble Babies range and with their prices being competitively placed from as little as £2.99 I will definitely be swapping these in when it comes to buying cleaning products. Head over to their website to explore their whole range of single bottles & gift bundles which are now also available in Ocado, Boots and on Amazon.

*We were sent a bundle of Nimble products in return for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own.

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What Florence Wore: Cherry Crumble Clothing

What Florence Wore: Cherry Crumble Clothing

I think, when it comes to fashion, this time of year is my favourite. I myself love layering up with lots of knits and slipping on a pair of boots when heading out in the Autumn / Winter. I also love dressing Florence in the […]

Review: The Little Book of Self Care for New Mums

Review: The Little Book of Self Care for New Mums

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Surviving a long car journey with a toddler

Surviving a long car journey with a toddler

It seems just yesterday that I was writing a post very similar to this, except I was sharing my tips for getting through a long car journey with a baby. Today 8 months on Florence is a fully fledged toddler and so our approach has changed quite a lot over time and I thought I’d share how we survive a long car journey with a toddler in tow.

Travel at nap-time (or ware your toddler out before you leave)

I can’t tell you how much I recommend this! Travelling with a sleeping toddler is . Things like swimming or a trip to the park are great ways to burn ofF energy and encourage littles to snooze on the road.

Pack a Busy Box or Bag

We always pack a box of little bits and pieces that will keep Florence busy on the journey. Things like a mini colouring book & crayons, toy cars, happyland people and books always go down well and keep Florence occupied on the road. I also picked up this travel tray which could hold all of her bits and bobs and meant she could lean on it for her colouring etc. There’ll be a full review coming in the next few days to tell you a bit more about it.

Take lots of snacks & drinks

I’m not sure if it’s just Florence, but since hitting toddlerhood she could honestly snack for England! I always pack a bunch of different snacks like cream crackers, crisps, cereal bars and more. In my experience you can never have too many snacks! However I do try to avoid acidic foods and fruits for in the car as Florence suffers badly from travel sickness and these tend to come straight back up! Plus, I take at least two munchkin 360 cups filled with weak squash or water too.

Download a film / TV Series

Florence is a bit of a Hey Duggee addict, to the point where we have to really ration telly time at home. However, there are some instances where this comes in handy and long car journeys is one of them! We’ve downloaded a bunch of episodes from the BBC iPlayer to an old iPad and they were a bit of a saviour when her patience was wearing thin with being stuck in the car. She also LOVES the film Secret Life of Pets so she watched this for the majority of the time she was awake on the way home.

Check the traffic before you leave

Knowing your route & checking the traffic updates before you leave can save a whole bunch of stress during your journey. The last thing you need is a prolonged car journey with a grumpy toddler to start or finish your holiday with.

Plan regular stops

We always try to stop every two hours to avoid Florence being stuck in the car seat for too long and to stretch our legs. These are usually timed around meal times so we stop off at a pub or café for lunch or tea.

Dress your toddler comfortably

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a car, in one position in uncomfortable, fussy clothing. I try to dress Florence in rompers or leggings and a t-shirt to keep her comfy.

Pack a day / night bag which is easy to get to.

We stopped halfway and stayed over night at a hotel before taking the second leg of our journey and so having an easy to grab bag full of everything we needed for an overnight stay meant we didn’t have to dig through all of our luggage! Likewise, if one of your stops is an attraction or somewhere you’re likely to be for a while it’s always good to have a bundle of essentials to hand.

Keep the weather / expected temperature changes in mind

If you’re travelling in the summer then you’re less likely to need warm blankets and such than you would during winter. Even when it’s hot though, I always take a light, giant muslin to put over Florence just in case the temperature does drop or we end up travelling into the night. During colder months, I take a NodPod blanket and an extra layer of clothes too.

Family sing along

Florence is a real boogier and loves music – especially in the car! She loves it when the music is loud and we play one of her favourite songs and sing along. She kicks her legs and waves her hands and it’s always a good way to pass the time if she’s getting a bit agitated.

Prepare for Travel sickness

As I mentioned before, Florence often suffers from motion sickness and so I always try to be prepared by having a few essentials to hand. If the journey is likely to be a bit windy, I cover her over with a giant Muslin blanket to try and catch as much vomit as I can in one go and protect her clothes underneath. I also take a change of clothes, a paper bag and ALL the wipes!

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Review: Cuddledry Baby & Me Wash Bag – Packing for a Pool Party

Review: Cuddledry Baby & Me Wash Bag – Packing for a Pool Party

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Dotty Fish Summer Flower Sandals Review

Dotty Fish Summer Flower Sandals Review

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