Pregnancy #2: 22 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy #2: 22 Weeks Pregnant

What a busy fortnight it has been! We had our 20 week scan and announced that we are indeed having a boy! I’ve had so many lovely comments and messages about our gender reveal so I thought I would take this opportunity to say a […]

Pregnancy #2: The 20 week scan and our gender reveal

Pregnancy #2: The 20 week scan and our gender reveal

On Tuesday we had a rather an exciting day! After reaching the all important 20 week milestone on Monday it was time for our anomaly scan which meant we got to see baby again. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of anticipation before a pregnancy […]

Gender Predictions – What do the Old Wives Tales Say?

Gender Predictions – What do the Old Wives Tales Say?

With our 20 week scan in just a matter of hours we hope to finally find out whether this baby in my belly is a girl or a boy. My money is on a boy, however you just never know until there’s proof do you, and I thought it might be fun to test out some of the many Old Wives Tales that claim to predict the gender of an unborn baby.

Baking Soda Gender Test

Reminiscent of a school Science experiment, this one while a bit gross was actually really fun to do. Basically, you take a pot of your urine (yep, gross) and add 2 tsp of baking powder into it. If it fizzes up the theory suggests that baby will be a boy, if there’s no reaction at all then it’s a girl. There was no reaction when I did this so according to this theory baby is a girl.

Chinese Gender Calendar

This one works based on your age at conception combined with the month of conception. This time around I was 24 and baby dates back to 7th May so this chart predictor points towards it being a boy. I took a quick look at Florence’s dates too and it was in fact correct…

Ramzi Theory

This is the theory that the position in which the placenta begins to form in the womb can determine the sex of the baby. In my scan at eight weeks pregnant the placenta seemed to be forming on the left hand side (you have to flip the image of an abdominal scan) indicating a girl.

Carrying High or Low

I’ve heard so many times that the way you carry baby during pregnancy is indicative of whether you’re carrying a girl or a boy. I am carrying much differently this time to the way I carries Florence and that can be seen in these photos here. With Florence (Right) my bump was much higher whereas this time I am carrying quite low. This theory points to a boy! 


According to common belief, the cravings that you have during pregnancy are indicative of whether you’re carrying a girl or a boy. The theory suggests that craving sweet things points to you having a girl whereas savoury cravings point more towards a boy. My cravings with Florence were all crisps and chocolate so in truth I had a bit of both. This time though, I’m definitely craving more savoury flavours which may suggest that there’s a baby boy growing in my tummy.

Interestingly the ‘theories’ mostly point towards team blue. What do you think? All shall be revealed in the next few days… watch this space.


Want to find out if the predicitions were right? Here’s our gender reveal

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Pregnancy #2: 20 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy #2: 20 Weeks Pregnant

We made it then, 20 weeks pregnant! Wowsers. I am a little bit speechless at the speed at which this pregnancy is passing by and reaching the half way mark is such a huge milestone. We have our 20 week scan tomorrow which I hope […]

Planning The Nursery

Planning The Nursery

When this post goes live, I will hopefully be on a train heading to The Baby Show with my friend and bump buddy Jennie. Today is the first day of a super busy baby themed weekend in which I hope to not only meet some […]

Planning a weekend at The Baby Show

Planning a weekend at The Baby Show

This time next week I will be home with my feet up  after two hectic days at The Baby Show. I have been looking forward to my first Baby Show with a bump for so very long having previously attended to network as a business owner or as a volunteer for Kicks Count. It is known widely as the shopping event of the year for parents and parents to be and I’ve been saving up pennies in our baby fund since before bump even existed to take advantage of the fabulous range of products on offer and the exclusive show deals.

H O W, W H O  &  W H E N? | This year, I am heading to the Excel on two days of the show. On Friday, I will be travelling up to London by train with my friend and Bump Buddy Jennie – a complete baby show pro! I am so looking forward to spending the day with her. Our babies are due within weeks of each other so it will be lovely to have a full day of catching up properly ahead of their arrival. She also has such a vast knowledge of baby products and brands, I’m hoping to learn a lot from her.

On the Saturday, after a bridesmaid dress fitting (oooo let’s hope that dress fits this bump of mine!), Sean and I are going to drive back for day two. Our plan is not to leave until we’ve decided on & maybe even ordered a pram! We’ve had little to no luck in choosing one so far and so we plan on trying ALL of them properly.

W H A T ‘ S  O N ? | I’m all for planning ahead and have already looked in to the events taking place while I’m there. There are two events that I would like to attend on the Friday, First Aid with the British Red Cross and the Lullaby Trust’s Safe Sleep Talk and I’d like to try and catch Clemmie Hooper – An Interview With on the Saturday. Sadly we’re likely going to miss Giovanna Fletcher’s talk.

W H A T  I S  O N  M Y  S H O P P I N G  L I S T ? | I have already started a bit of a shopping list and a list of brands I’d like to meet. Of course first on my hit list will be Shnuggle. I’ve written before about my love for their genuinely clever baby products and am hoping to be able to catch a glimpse of their newest products, in particular their squishy changing mat, maternity sleepwear & the Dreami sleeper.

We’re also on the look out for…

A Travel System

Changing Mat

Changing Bag

Baby Carrier

Maternity Underwear

Play Mat / Gym

I’m also planning on stopping by to visit Kicks Count & have a go on their charity tombola.

W H A T  W I L L  I  W E A R? |  I’ve purchased two outfits ahead of the show, one for each day. One of the keys to getting the most out of a day at The Baby Show is wearing comfortable and lightweight clothing but I also am not prepared to compromise on style either.  I’ve picked out some maternity basics, perfect for mixing and matching, from my two favourite High Street retailers, H&M and New Look. baby show new look

Maternity Blue Ripped Over Bump Jeans | Maternity 3/4 Length Top | Pink Matte Anorak | Shell Pink Mini Luggage Bag |

baby show outfit hm

Woven Scarf  | MAMA Jersey Top | MAMA DungareesParka |Trainers |

I’m hoping to film my weekend and turn it into my first ever vlog! The whole thought of this is a bit nerve racking but fingers crossed I stick to the plan.

 Are you heading to The Baby Show this year? I’d love to connect with you so tweet me @amilizblog or pop me an email to

Safe Sleep Solutions with Shnuggle

Safe Sleep Solutions with Shnuggle

One of the baby companies I’ve always loved, even since before I was pregnant is Shnuggle. Back when Beebies was just a baby I had the pleasure of meeting the brains behind the brand, couple Sinead & Adam at The Baby Show where they launched their […]

Our ‘Before the Baby Arrives’ To – Do List

Our ‘Before the Baby Arrives’ To – Do List

We have just under 14 weeks until baby is due, and while when you say it like that it still seems forever away, I am told often how quickly this time will fly. I think up until now, we have done a pretty good job […]