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Our Newborn Essentials

Our Newborn Essentials

Now that Florence is officially out of the new born stage – *sobs!* – I though I would give you a bit of a run down on the products & other things which made our lives a whole lot easier in those early days with […]

Florence’s Christening Party Playlist

Florence’s Christening Party Playlist

We had Florence’s Christening at the weekend and in the lead up we were busy sorting out all of the little details that made the day as special as can be. And while the decorations, the cake, the food are all important factors, no party is […]

Baptising Florence

Baptising Florence

We have had a wonderful weekend of celebration with our family & friends. Yesterday we had Florence baptised. Our friends & family gathered together in the very same church that I was Christened in almost twenty four years ago. The Christening was part of the family service and was a lovely mix of traditional and contemporary Christian celebration and a wonderful way to introduce Florence to the church.

‘Baptism is the initial step of a faithful heart.’IMG_3111

‘A God Parent is a gift sent from above, a guardian Angel that was chosen with love.’

Florence has six God Parents – our brothers and sisters and our best friends –  who without falter have always stood by our side and who we know will love and protect our little girl as fiercely as we do ourselves.


‘May the Lord bless you and keep you safe, smile on you and be gracious to you, may he lift up his face to you and grant you peace.’ 

For the service, Florence wore beautiful handmade Christening gown passed down from my sister, her Godmother Libby

Afterwards we hosted a party to continue the celebrations in style. We decorated the venue, a hall at the heart of our village, to match our very own Florence Ivy. Florence means ‘Blossoming’ and she is our little wildflower and so we chose to decorate the hall with little jars of wildflowers we had picked ourselves. IMG_3218


We had giant balloons – white hearts & confetti bubbles – decorated with ivy vinesIMG_3213

And hung bunting & banners all around.

Our gift table was complete with our ‘F is for Florence‘ print and the stunning ( and truly scumptious!) cake with fresh berries & cream made by my friend Lisa. We added this beautiful cake topper for an extra personal touch. IMG_3175

In the background, we had some of our favourite songs playing along with those that remind us of Florence.

We started with some fizz… IMG_3161


Followed by a feast for our one hundred guests lovingly prepared by our Mum’s & Aunty Lorna. IMG_3179



And then, while the grown ups chatted & took turns for Florence cuddles…IMG_3198










… the children took full advantage of the fairy playhouse!IMG_3186

We had a truly special day celebrating our beautiful Florence and we feel so blessed that so many people came to share her Christening day with us and surround her with love.




Some photos that made us smile follow! IMG_3392

When the spontaneity & chaos of parenting shines through!


Florence had had enough of photos!

Keep an eye out for some more posts on the invitations, what we wore, our Christening play list, what we put in our children’s goody bags and more!

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Florence is 3 months old!

Florence is 3 months old!

Little Florence,  it would seem you are longer a teeny tiny newborn. You’re growing at a rate of knots and this last month you have continued to surprise us with how quickly you are coming into your own. At 2 months old you are absolutely full of […]

Zippy Bibs Baby Blanket Review

Zippy Bibs Baby Blanket Review

As a new parent, you really can never have too many blankets. Whether it’s a special Granny knit, a fleecey snuggle baby blanket, or a giant muslin, we very rarely leave the house without at least one.  This month, as part of our Zippy Bibs […]

Lessons I’ve learned since becoming a Mummy – A Guest Post by Rachael

Lessons I’ve learned since becoming a Mummy – A Guest Post by Rachael

Today I get to introduce you to Rachael – a fellow blogger and first time Mama who I’ve been chatting to for some time now. Florence & Theodore (Teddy) were born around the same time and I’ve loved following Rachael’s journey into motherhood. We’ve swapped blogs for a day and today she’s here to share the Lessons she’s learned since becoming a Mummy.

Nothing can prepare you for life with a baby, especially your first. You may have read all the books, spent hours browsing the internet for tips and spoke to all your relatives or friends with children, but nothing will give you a true representative of what it’s like. I had this idea in my head of what it would be like and naively thought ‘how hard can it actually be?!’

It turns is actually really fucking hard! Your whole life is completely turned upside down and on its head. Everything you thought you knew goes out the window and I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve just stared at Teddy wondering what the bloody hell I’ve let myself in for.
Not all of the lessons I have learnt will be positive ones and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Some people will make out like parenting is a breeze and the most wonderful thing in the world all of the time, which more often than not, it is! However there are the days where you just want to shut yourself in a dark room and you aren’t sure whether you want to cry or sleep first!

  • Not all babies sleep where they are supposed to! I learnt this the hard way when we first brought Teddy home. On our first night I put him into his crib next to my bed expecting him to sleep until his next feed. He hates the crib. He hates the moses basket. What he does love, is sleeping in bed with Mummy and Daddy! I never thought I would co-sleep and it didn’t really occur to me that we might end up doing, however it’s possibly the best thing we’ve done, for all our sakes!
  • You really don’t get 5 minutes to yourself. If you aren’t feeding, burping, changing or entertaining a baby, you are catching up on all the clothes washing that has suddenly come from nowhere, washing the pots or trying to shower like a ninja whilst the baby naps. What i’d give for just 10 minutes to sit and read a book..
  • You’ll cry at the littlest things and it’s completely normal! Parenting is hard work and it can sometimes feel so overwhelming that you just need five minutes to have a good cry.
  • You look at the world in a whole different light. Over the past couple of months there have been some really horrific things happening all over the country and although they have always affected me, since becoming a Mum, they have affected me in a whole different way. I worry about the world that Teddy is growing up in and we can only hope that it does get better.
  • Babies shit a lot. They also like shitting in a freshly changed nappy. I’m sure he does it on purpose.
  • You might not feel that overwhelming rush of love for your baby as soon as they are born, and that’s nothing to worry about! You’ve just been through labour and wondering what the bloody hell has just happened. But when that love does come, and it will, it’ll be like nothing else you’ve ever felt. It’s so intense that when you really sit and think about it, it completely consumes you and there is nothing you wouldn’t do for them.
  • It’s okay to ask questions! No question is too silly or stupid, I can’t tell you how many ridiculous questions I’ve asked google or other mummies, especially in the middle of the night when you are sleep deprived and trying to stay awake over a feeding baby!
  • You’ll see your partner in a whole other light. Watching Aaron be a Daddy to our little boy is my absolute favourite thing in the world. I’ve really lucked out with Aaron and I don’t know what I would have done without him. Teddy & I are so lucky to have him.
I am currently running a guest post series on my blog, where other parents are sharing the lessons they have learnt since the arrival of their babies. If you’d like to be involved you can find me in all the following places-
Mama & Baby Style #5 – A Hot Air Balloon Special

Mama & Baby Style #5 – A Hot Air Balloon Special

It’s been a bit quiet on the Fashion posts front here lately. In truth, I’m really struggling to find flattering clothes this post baby body of mine and so haven’t much felt like showing it off! But this week, Mama & Baby Style returns after […]

A Week of Rainbow Play

A Week of Rainbow Play

Following on from last weeks light play, we’ve turned to a week of rainbow play exploring all things bright and colourful! First things first, I gathered together a couple of our rainbow coloured blankets to lay on the floor. We chose our rainbow spot Snugglebundl, […]