Weaning William: A Combined Approach to Introducing First Foods

Weaning William: A Combined Approach to Introducing First Foods

We’ve reached one of my favourite stages of the baby days. The squishy newborn days are behind us for now and now that William has reached 6 months we’ve moved on to weaning! In truth, we started weaning a little earlier than 6 months – […]

How I get out and about with 2 children under 3

How I get out and about with 2 children under 3

One of the things I was most worried about when it came to having two babies so close in age was the logistics of getting out of the house. I don’t drive and Sean works all week so if we want to go out Monday […]

William’s 5 month update

William’s 5 month update

Hey little man, these weeks are just flying by since you were born and you’re already 5 months old. It feels like you’ve been here with us forever and yet at the same time I can’t believe so much time has passed since I held you in my arms for the very first time.

My once tiny newborn squish is now a super chunky (and extremely cheeky) little boy. You have outgrown most of your 3-6m clothes and your little bouncy chair and when I had you weighed a couple of weeks ago you were already 18lb!

Your little personality is really beginning to shine through and you are such a delightful little thing. You are chilled out just like your Dad and super smiley. You seem to already have a good sense of humour and find your big sister hilarious – especially when she’s throwing a tantrum. You love to be tickled and playing ‘Row Row Row your boat’ and smile the biggest smile when mama says ‘ready… steady…’ and lifts you up In the air. Your little laugh is just infectious.

You are so inquisitive and really play a lot more than I remember Florence doing at this age. You love to fiddle with your toys especially the little bits on your jumperoo and on your favourite little Lamaze butterfly which goes everywhere with us. Most recently though, your favourite play thing is your feet! Because it’s been so hot you’ve mostly been in rompers or just a nappy but if ever I put you in a sleep suit you get very confused as to where your feet have gone. It’s very very sweet.

You have cut your first two teeth which made you a little grumpier than usual in the evenings but that just gave us the perfect excuse for extra Mama snuggles!

You have had your first taste of ‘solids’ and it’s safe to say you LOVE food. I’m so excited to be starting this little journey with you and to cook up some new flavours for you.

It seems that despite Mama being in total denial about how fast you’re growing, you’re already keen to be on the move. You can travel around your play mat at warp speed on your back and kick off with your legs when on your front to get to where you want to be. Honestly, I’ll be surprised if you’re not crawling by this time next month.

You and your sister are fast becoming a right little double act. You think she’s hilarious – especially when she’s mid tantrum – and she adores you. Anywhere you are, she has to be too and she loves playing with you and ‘checking weewoo is okay’. When you’re wriggling next to her and kick her she calls you a Cheeky Boy and of ever you start to cry she tells us that you’re a bit grumpy!

Now that the weather is brighter and dryer we have been getting out and about a lot more and you’ve had your first trip to the sea, been to the carnival, been on loads of picnics and even started joining in at play group.

I can’t believe that you’ll soon be half way to a year already! I’m trying to soak up every second of these baby days.

You really are a little ray of sunshine. Love Mama x

Getting Started with Cloth Nappies

Getting Started with Cloth Nappies

It’s something I’ve been considering for some time, switching from disposable to reusable nappies. I figured even if I used one cloth nappy per day, it was 7 less disposables ending up in landfill each week, 365 every year. And when you put it like […]

5 weeks post partum – an honest account of my feelings & symptoms after birth

5 weeks post partum – an honest account of my feelings & symptoms after birth

I’ve been giving this post a lot of thought over the last few weeks and while some parts might be a bit TMI I wanted to share my experiences in the weeks following William’s birth as some things came as a bit of a surprise […]

William’s 3 & 4 week update

William’s 3 & 4 week update

Despite my best intentions, I didn’t get around to finishing or publishing your three week update last week so instead, I’ve combined both your 3 & 4 week update in todays post.

You’re four weeks old. A whole month old. It feels like you’ve been here forever now, yet at the same time I’m wishing time would slow down just a little as it’s going by so quickly. I forgot how fast these early days pass.

Three Weeks

We’ve actually had a pretty busy week filled with visitors. Lisa came to cut Aunty Libby’s hair and made the most of the time for cuddles and then Aunty Donna came over with Josh and Charlie for the evening on Saturday. On Sunday Mama’s three best friends came for the morning and just look at how happy they were to meet you — despite their hangovers!

We then all took your sister to a new soft play centre where we met Uncle Dean, Aunty Tasha & Maisie. You slept pretty much the whole time but it was so nice to be able to get out as a four.

Daddy had Monday off of work so he could take us to the hospital for your hearing test. You’d given us quite a night of it so we were all pretty glad to have him home for the day. You passed your hearing test with flying colours by the way. We decided to head out for the afternoon for some fresh air and a wander and ended up at Leybourne Lakes where we fed the ducks – much to your sister’s delight! You stayed wrapped up snug in the baby sling.

Aside from a second trip to the Lakes with Donna, Joshua and Charlie on Tuesday we stayed home for the rest of the week. It became a bit of a pyjama week! Although we finally got the adapters for the pushchair so I did take you and Florence out for a quick wander to the shops to see what you made of being wheeled around. As long as I don’t stop, you’re happy!

You’re unbelievably strong and during tummy time on Friday you rolled right back over onto your back every time I put you on your front! At three weeks old I’m a little shocked as you’re just so little.

You seem to have found yourself a little bit of a rhythm now and can go longer between feeds in the mornings and at night. With any luck we’ll soon be into a lovely set routine so I can start planning days around it.

You are still at your happiest when cuddled up on a person and are quite the mummy’s boy! It’s making sleep a bit of a touchy subject but I know only too well that this cuddly stage only lasts for a short while so am trying to make the most of it.

Your sister is still infatuated with you. She’s constantly asking for a ‘doddle’ (a cuddle) with you and loves chatting to you while you lay on her lap or next to her. It’s so incredibly cute! She often asks that you join her while she plays too and if she’d like Mama to put you down she brings over your bouncy chair and insists I put you in there as she turns on the music and taps the hanging toys so they swing above you.

Week 4

We’ve had a much quieter week this week, mostly down to Mama having a horrid cold and really overdoing it in our first attempt at a trip out into town, just me, you and Florrie.


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Before & after – swipe right… I knew the moment I reached the end of our road yesterday morning that it was a bad idea to go out. I’d just had my hopes set on a trip into town to pick myself and the littles up some new clothes, stop for cake and maybe even a quick stop at the little soft play area and as I was feeling a bit better than yesterday (horrible cold and no sleep!) I was determined. Even despite the fact that Sean took the part for the pram and the sling in the car with him to work this morning and the fact that Tesco didn’t deliver the food shopping until 1 minute before the end of the window. I bundled Florence up in the pushchair, popped William in a different baby carrier and off we went for our first solo trip further than the village shop. We made it to the station with loads of time to spare for the next train and so Florence and I sat and chatted and took silly selfies. I felt better having sat down so on the train we got and set off into town. However, after the first shop I was so ready to come home. We met my Sister in law and niece and had a slow wander around town before heading to a café for some lunch where Florence had a random hyper episode before the melt down of all meltdowns. We got a taxi home and by the time I reached the front door I was just a broken, exhausted & snotty mess. It’s safe to say our first trip out without Sean was a bit of a disaster in the end and I’m so cross with myself for being so stubborn and not listening to what my body was practically screaming at me. We are having a few days at home now, I think and I’m going to force myself to be a bit kinder to myself. After all, my babies need me at my best. #3weekspostpartum #motherhoodslens #realmotherhood #keepingitreal #mumsofinstagram #motherhoodunplugged #lifecloseup #instamama #newborn #toddlersofig #florenceivy #williamjames #pbloggers #mummyblogger #kentblogger

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We’ve mostly stayed home since, aside from a little visit to a new play group just around the corner and today you and I had a little solo trip to the village shops while Aunty Libs watched over your sister.

You’ve been much more awake and alert this week and have taken a real liking to your bouncy chair all of a sudden. I’ve started laying you down on your mat to play under the make shift play gym I’ve put togetehr from our Shnuggle stand and you’re slowly coming around to not being on my chest at ALL TIMES. Florence loves coming and lyaing next to you and ‘helping’ you play. 

Saying that, you are still very much a cuddler and are most content when snuggled up on mine or your Daddy’s chest. 

You are sleeping a lot better  and touch wood, I’ve only had one night of no sleep this week. You seem to settle a lot better in a GroSnug so I’ve started putting you in them again for bed which is making a big difference. That and me sleeping with my hand under your bum… not sure why, but that seems to help! 

You’re a month old and I really do not know where the time has gone. I adore you little boy. I cannot get enough of you. My little William.

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One week of William

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