Motherhood has changed me and I’m okay with that

Motherhood has changed me and I’m okay with that

There’s no doubt about it, life changes a whole lot the second you become a mother. Your days are suddenly split into four hourly chunks of changing dirty nappies, feeding the baby and tiptoeing around the house in the hope that they’ll nap for just […]

Trusting our instincts and weaning Florence at 4 months old

Trusting our instincts and weaning Florence at 4 months old

There comes a time when you’re a parent that you just have to put the rule book to one side and trust your instincts. Don’t get me wrong, that rule book comes in handy more often than we probably like to admit, but I also […]

Florence’s Christening Party Playlist

Florence’s Christening Party Playlist

We had Florence’s Christening at the weekend and in the lead up we were busy sorting out all of the little details that made the day as special as can be. And while the decorations, the cake, the food are all important factors, no party is complete without music. Don’t get me wrong, none of us were exactly be throwing any shapes but it is always nice to have some background music at a Christening to create a bit of ambiance. We’ve chosen a selection of upbeat & chilled out songs from a variety of artists. Some of them are quite personal to us, many of them remind us of Florence and others are simply crowd pleasers.

Pharell – Happy

Naughty Boy feat Emeli Sandé – Lifted

Sweet devotion – Adele

Coldplay – Sky full of stars

The Wanted – chasing the sun

Train – Hey soul sister

Olly Murrs – Wrapped up

Diana Vickers – Jumping into rivers

Calvin harris – Feels

Ella Eyre – Came here for love

Little Mix – wings

Rusted Root – I’m on my way

Killers – mr brightside

Dryden Mitchell – Friday I’m in love

Paolo Nutinni – Pencil full of lead

Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed

Micahel Buble – Daddy’s Little Girl

JET – Are you gonna be my girl

Newton Faaulkner – Dream Catch Me

Thurson Harris & The Sharps – Little Bitty Pretty one

Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison

Stevie – Wonder – Isn;t She Lovely

Guns & Roses – Sweet Child of mine

Newton Faulkner – Gone in the morning

Sister Sledge – We are Family

Toto – Africa

Louis Armstrong – What a wonderful world

Randy Newman – You’ve got a friend in me

Four Tops – Sugar Pie Honey Bunch

Beatles – Here comes the sun

U2 – Beautiful DAY

Daryl Hall – You make my dreams

Ed Sheeran – Galway Girl

Ed Sheeran – Lego House

Michael Buble – Haven’t Met You Yet

Take That – Shine

Jason Mraz – I’m yours

Taylor Swift – Shake it off

Mumford & sons – Little Lion Man

Nick Mulvey – cu cu ru cu

Batille -Pompeii

Natasha Bedingfield – Unwritten

Calvin Harris – This is what you came for

Florence & the Machine – Dog days are over

Paloma Fith – Upside down

Beyonce – Who run the world

Katy Perry – Firework

Katrina & the waves – Walking on sunshine

American Authors – Best Day of my life

Taylor Swift – Best Day

Lennon & Maisy Stellar – Joy Parade

I hope our Christening Party Playlist has given you a little bit of inspiration for your own little girl’s christening. Stay tuned for more baptism inspiration!

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Lessons I’ve learned since becoming a Mummy – A Guest Post by Rachael

Lessons I’ve learned since becoming a Mummy – A Guest Post by Rachael

Today I get to introduce you to Rachael – a fellow blogger and first time Mama who I’ve been chatting to for some time now. Florence & Theodore (Teddy) were born around the same time and I’ve loved following Rachael’s journey into motherhood. We’ve swapped […]

You & Me in the Morning

You & Me in the Morning

I’ve always been an early bird, sleeping in ’til midday was never really my style. Don’t get me wrong, I love a pj day but I’m generally up and functioning by around 6.30, 7 at the latest, even at the weekend and it would seem […]

Florence’s Two Month Baby Update

Florence’s Two Month Baby Update

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last baby update and as the weeks are going by so so quickly these days, I’ve decided to move to monthly updates rather than weekly with other posts about our days out and such as we go along. So Florence, you are two months old. It’s been two whole months since you entered our world in all your radiance and filled it with colour. These last two weeks you seem to have grown at record speed and each time I look at you I find myself noticing you’ve learned yet another new expression or skill. IMG_1949  We’ve been as busy as ever, fitting in parties & play dates here there and everywhere. IMG_1848


You absolutely love to chat, taking after your Mama for sure. You goo and gah and woo non stop to anyone who will listen & talk back. Sometimes, if you don’t think we’re paying you enough attention you even shout which is very funny. IMG_1865

We’ve swapped the carry cot on your Pram with the pushchair setting and you absolutely love it – even more so than you did before. You are such a nosey little thing and don’t want to miss out on anything at all, so the fact that you can now see everything when we are out and about means you could happily be in there for hours. As well was going out for walks and popping to the shops, you like to sit in there while Mama is hanging out the washing in the garden or making lunch in the kitchen as you chat away. IMG_1808


You are showing a lot more interest in toys now, especially Octo (Lamaze Octivity Time) and your musical owl which we’ve now hung from one of the loops on your play mat. You have certainly found your hands and grip onto anything within reach – my hair being a firm favourite! IMG_1867

Mama reads to you every day too and you are captivated by the colourful pictures that fill the pages. We’ve added to our nursery rhyme & lullaby catalogue thank goodness – I think even you were a bit sick of ‘five little speckled frogs’ over and over again. You quite like the ‘Grand Old Duke of York’, ‘Old MacDonald’ & ‘Do you know the Muffin Man’. IMG_1780

We’re going to start having your friends over once a week / fortnight for some baby play. It will be lovely to see you all grow together week by week and become the very best of friends. We’re also going to start some baby classes at our local children’s centre too.

Your love of music of all genres is still strong. Something about Daddy’s less than soothing (to Mummy anyway) music seems to send you off to sleep! As long as you don’t learn the lyrics, I’ll go with it! We have introduced you a little bit of Cbeebies time too, which while perhaps a little controversial with you being so young, buys us 15 minutes or so to make some lunch or tidy up while you’re happy. So far Teletubbies, 64 Zoo Lane & In the Night Garden are a popular choice.

You love to study faces and copy our expressions. You give us the biggest smiles, especially first thing in the morning and now that you can poke your tongue out you quite happily pop it in and out all day long. IMG_1872


You’ve been a little (VERY) grumpy over the last few days and I think it’s probably down to a mix of things. We have had quite an odd week so far and a busy weekend which has meant your normal routine has gone a bit out of the window. Added to the fact that you’re in the middle of a ‘leap’ means you’re throwing us some challenges for sure.  We can’t complain too much though, you’re so so good and chilled out most of the time that a few screaming fits are sort of due I guess.  You have however started to get yourself off to sleep on Mama’s bed or on your play mat every now and then, as long as we are close by. Our arms are still your preferred place to drift off in though, which is well and truly fine by me. You give the most wonderful cuddles! IMG_1608


August has all sorts of things in store for us, including the arrival of Aunty Libby’s new puppy which I have a feeling we will be looking after quite a lot, a trip to see the Hot Air Balloons in North Hampton and even more birthday parties. I find it hard to believe tah we are already into the month where you will become three months old, where on earth is the time going?!

As always little Florrie, we love you dearly.

Mama x

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HushCush Nursing Pillow Review & Giveaway

HushCush Nursing Pillow Review & Giveaway

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Our day out at the Volks Weald Festival & Penshurst Place

Our day out at the Volks Weald Festival & Penshurst Place

We had the loveliest family day out yesterday at the Volks Weald festival and getting lost in the Maize maze at the hosting venue, Penshurst Place. I had never been to a car show before, nor to Penshurst Place so it was all a bit new […]