Florence is 10 months old

Florence is 10 months old

It’s bee a while since I wrote your last update and my goodness, as I look back we’ve had quite a few months! You have come on leaps and bounds over the last twelve weeks and are becoming more toddler and less baby by the […]

Feeding Florence – What my 9 month old eats in a week

Feeding Florence – What my 9 month old eats in a week

It’s hard to believe we are already five months into Florence’s weaning journey. While it might have been controversial we absolutely did the right thing by deciding to wean at four months, there is no way she would have lasted to the advised 6 month […]

Florence’s 7 & a half month update

Florence’s 7 & a half month update

So, little girl, you’re officially 7 1/2 months old and as usual I’m late with your little update. The last month has been one of the busiest since you were born and I feel like we’re only just starting to slow back down after the madness of Christmas & New Year. Combined with a total lack of routine and spending a lot of time in the midst of leap 6 it’s been as challenging as it has been wonderful. Christmas morning 4


Now that we are out the other side though, you’ve become so much more independent. You will happily sit and play without the need to be touching me ALL THE TIME and can finally get around on your own now that you’ve mastered the art of crawling. That’s right, you did it! You finally cracked it on New Years Eve and crawled your way all the way into 2018. Now that you can, you do it at speed! I’m not sure Alfie is entirely thrilled, as he is your main target at the moment and he waits for you to get to him before quickly jumping up and running away. You don’t seem to mind too much though as you just turn yourself around and seek him out again. You now have no problem in pulling yourself up on the side of the sofa and are an expert climber… if you see something you want, you get it and nothing stands in your way. Unless of course Mama or Daddy pick you up and place you right back where you started. That must be SO annoying. Sorry kid. 26754806_10156109233587990_927393906_n

You also seem to be able to communicate your needs all of a sudden. Especially when you’re ready for bed. You come up to us and pretty much face plant our laps or cuddle in to our chests all of your own accord. I find it amazing how quickly you are learning this stuff. That doesn’t mean to say you then fall asleep soundly, you fight us to the very moment you fall asleep – Mama’s face is full of scratches where we’ve battled at nap time! In your own little way you tell me when you are hungry, whether you do or don’t want your milk.


Da da da da is still a main feature of your vocabulary, and you’ve started a new sound of ‘uuuuuummmmmm’ which we can’t work out if it’s the beginnings of Mum or not. It’s cute never the less. You’ve also started this really funny thing where you shout ‘Ha?’ over and over again to call one of us. When we get up in the morning the first thing you do is look around for Daddy and if yu can’t see him or if he’s already left for work you will call him until you either get a response or realise he’s not here. It’s very cute. You Roar too! We have your Uncle Dean to thank for that after you spent an entire evening roaring at each other. cuddleroar towel

You’ve been spending the odd afternoon here and there at Nanny’s house with her and Aunty Libby while I get some work done or blitz the house. You’re absolutely not phased one bit by it either which suprises me because the moment I step out of the room at home sometimes you cry and cry until I come along and give you a cuddle. You love seeing them and playing there.7 month update 6

Speaking of playing, it seems as though you have grown so much over the last few weeks, as you discover different ways to play. You received so many lovely toys for Christmas and it’s been so wonderful to watch you suss them out and work out how they work and what you need to do. You love anything that makes a noise, and while it took you a couple of weeks you are now a pro at paying the xylophone and the maraca. In fact, anything that makes a noise when it shakes is a winner for you. All I have to say is ‘Shake! Shake! Shake!’ and you go for it with such gusto you lose your balance. You love to impress and give the biggest smile when we clap after your musical masterpiece finishes. You also love boxes, baskets and toys that you can empty and fill back up. We store your toys in little storage boxes in the unit Daddy made and you confidently crawl over to them, pull them out and tip them over to see what’s inside. You’re just so clever! It amazes me every day.7 month update 2

7 month update 3

You’re being a bit of a monkey when it coes to night time, only happy in Mama’s bed but that’s something we have to work on this month… Mama needs sleep!

But, my darling girl, as always you bring such joy and love into each and every day and I truly am loving every moment of being your Mummy. Until next month, love you x

Florence is four (and a bit) months old

Florence is four (and a bit) months old

I cannot believe just how much you have grown over the last six weeks. It seems like you are learning something new every single day. You are sitting up unsupported for longer lengths of time, are so much happier and willing to play on your […]

Trusting our instincts and weaning Florence at 4 months old

Trusting our instincts and weaning Florence at 4 months old

There comes a time when you’re a parent that you just have to put the rule book to one side and trust your instincts. Don’t get me wrong, that rule book comes in handy more often than we probably like to admit, but I also […]

Baptising Florence

Baptising Florence

We have had a wonderful weekend of celebration with our family & friends. Yesterday we had Florence baptised. Our friends & family gathered together in the very same church that I was Christened in almost twenty four years ago. The Christening was part of the family service and was a lovely mix of traditional and contemporary Christian celebration and a wonderful way to introduce Florence to the church.

‘Baptism is the initial step of a faithful heart.’IMG_3111

‘A God Parent is a gift sent from above, a guardian Angel that was chosen with love.’

Florence has six God Parents – our brothers and sisters and our best friends –  who without falter have always stood by our side and who we know will love and protect our little girl as fiercely as we do ourselves.


‘May the Lord bless you and keep you safe, smile on you and be gracious to you, may he lift up his face to you and grant you peace.’ 

For the service, Florence wore beautiful handmade Christening gown passed down from my sister, her Godmother Libby

Afterwards we hosted a party to continue the celebrations in style. We decorated the venue, a hall at the heart of our village, to match our very own Florence Ivy. Florence means ‘Blossoming’ and she is our little wildflower and so we chose to decorate the hall with little jars of wildflowers we had picked ourselves. IMG_3218


We had giant balloons – white hearts & confetti bubbles – decorated with ivy vinesIMG_3213

And hung bunting & banners all around.

Our gift table was complete with our ‘F is for Florence‘ print and the stunning ( and truly scumptious!) cake with fresh berries & cream made by my friend Lisa. We added this beautiful cake topper for an extra personal touch. IMG_3175

In the background, we had some of our favourite songs playing along with those that remind us of Florence.

We started with some fizz… IMG_3161


Followed by a feast for our one hundred guests lovingly prepared by our Mum’s & Aunty Lorna. IMG_3179



And then, while the grown ups chatted & took turns for Florence cuddles…IMG_3198










… the children took full advantage of the fairy playhouse!IMG_3186

We had a truly special day celebrating our beautiful Florence and we feel so blessed that so many people came to share her Christening day with us and surround her with love.




Some photos that made us smile follow! IMG_3392

When the spontaneity & chaos of parenting shines through!


Florence had had enough of photos!

Keep an eye out for some more posts on the invitations, what we wore, our Christening play list, what we put in our children’s goody bags and more!

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Florence is 3 months old!

Florence is 3 months old!

Little Florence,  it would seem you are longer a teeny tiny newborn. You’re growing at a rate of knots and this last month you have continued to surprise us with how quickly you are coming into your own. At 2 months old you are absolutely full of […]

Mama & Baby Style #5 – A Hot Air Balloon Special

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