Plans for Florence’s First Birthday

Plans for Florence’s First Birthday

So here we are in May. Where on earth has the last year gone? I remember this time last year so clearly – I had just begun maternity leave and we were making the final preparations for Florence’s arrival. Now, in just 3 weeks, our […]

Florence is 10 months old

Florence is 10 months old

It’s bee a while since I wrote your last update and my goodness, as I look back we’ve had quite a few months! You have come on leaps and bounds over the last twelve weeks and are becoming more toddler and less baby by the […]

Feeding Florence – What my 9 month old eats in a week

Feeding Florence – What my 9 month old eats in a week

It’s hard to believe we are already five months into Florence’s weaning journey. While it might have been controversial we absolutely did the right thing by deciding to wean at four months, there is no way she would have lasted to the advised 6 month mark and she absolutely loves her food. .Since starting our weaning journey I have had so many messages and comments about how much of a good eater Florence is along with lots of questions about how we’ve tackled the introduction of food, and so I am going to be sharing a series of posts about feeding Florence over the next few weeks. I’ve written about our first few weeks of weaning here.

Today I wanted to share with you a highly requested post on what Florence eats in a week. At 9 months she consistently has 3 meals a day along side 5 6oz bottles of formula and a cup of very weak fruit squash or water. You will see below that we give Florence a combination of finger and spoon fed foods as that’s just what worked for us.


BREAKFAST:  1/2 Weetabix with formula milk & 1/2 a ‘The Red One’ Ella’s Kitchen pouch

LUNCH: Cocktail Sausages, Cheddar Cheese Sticks, Red Pepper Sticks & cucumberweaning

DINNER: Mini Pizza, Potato Waffle & Garlic Bread


BREAKFAST: Pancakes, Ella’s kitchen pouch & StrawberriesUnbelievabowl 3

LUNCH: Pasta with grated cheese & cucumber.

DINNER: Mild Chicken curry, Bombay Potatoes, Cauliflower


BREAKFAST: Toast with marmite & a pear

LUNCH: 1/2 Baked Potato with Dairy Lea Cheese, Cucumber, Celery & Red Pepper Sticks

DINNER: Ella’s Kitchen Banana & Mango Pouch and 1/2 banana


BREAKFAST: Crumpet, 2 strawberries & 1/2 banana

LUNCH: Ham, cocktail sausages, cheese chunks, strawberry & pineappleIMG_6950

DINNER: Pasta Bolognese  & Petit Filous Yogurt


BREAKFAST: Baby Banana & Blueberry Pancakes with Ella’s Kitchen ‘The Pink One’ pouch.banana pancakes

LUNCH: Dairy Lea Soldiers, Strawberries & Raspberries

DINNER:  Morrocan Cous Cous with Chicken


BREAKFAST:Eggy Banana Bread, Apple slices & Strawberries

LUNCH: Chicken & Mushroom pasta with grated cheese, cucumber & cherry tomatoes

DINNER: Chicken Fajitas (Chicken chunks, peppers & cheese spread wrap), Raspberry Petit Filous.7 month update


BREAKFAST: Hard Boiled Egg & Soldiers

LUNCH: Sunday Roast – Sliced Turkey, Roast Potatoes x 2, Brocolli Floret, Cauliflower Floret, Swede & Carrot mash

DINNER: Scotch Pancake, Mango & Watermelon Chunks

Weaning Accessories used in this post:

Vital Baby Unbelievabowl 

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Cath Kidston Melamine Tray

Keep an eye out for some quick and healthy snack ideas in my next Weaning post. 

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Florence’s 7 & a half month update

Florence’s 7 & a half month update

So, little girl, you’re officially 7 1/2 months old and as usual I’m late with your little update. The last month has been one of the busiest since you were born and I feel like we’re only just starting to slow back down after the […]

Florence is four (and a bit) months old

Florence is four (and a bit) months old

I cannot believe just how much you have grown over the last six weeks. It seems like you are learning something new every single day. You are sitting up unsupported for longer lengths of time, are so much happier and willing to play on your […]

Trusting our instincts and weaning Florence at 4 months old

Trusting our instincts and weaning Florence at 4 months old

There comes a time when you’re a parent that you just have to put the rule book to one side and trust your instincts. Don’t get me wrong, that rule book comes in handy more often than we probably like to admit, but I also think we should remember that no two babies are the same and that reading your baby’s signals and trusting your gut feeling is so important.

Florence has always been an amazing sleeper, self settling and sleeping through from six weeks old but over the last few weeks she’s been struggling to settle anywhere and all the fail safe tricks are no longer working. She is draining her 9 oz bottles at every feed and despite me adding an extra bottle into our days she just hasn’t been satisfied. (We’ve been advised not to change her milk to ‘hungry baby’ versions.)   Both make for a very hungry & over tired baby who, while it’s what all the cool kids do, just isn’t quite cut out for the all night party lifestyle she’s been going for lately. Combine these two factors with Florence’s ability to hold her head up and steady without need for a break, can sit unaided for long periods of time, and has brilliant hand to mouth coordination.  Not to mention her sudden interest in our dinner plates and tendency to grab a handful of whatever we’re eating and attempt to get it in her mouth before we stop her! And so, after doing all the research, listening to the advice from friends, family & health professionals alike, we have decided to start weaning Florence at four months old.

We’ve started off slowly, giving her a quarter portion of very runny baby porridge at dinner time, before her 6pm bottle & bath. While I was cautious and didn’t really expect her to eat much of it at all to begin with, she just can’t get enough! Even on her first sitting on Saturday, she polished the entire portion off and would have kept going if she could have.

We have already started to see our happy little Florence return and she’s back on track and already more settled in the evenings so, while it’s early days, I think I am confident that we have done the right thing by starting to wean her earlier than the 6 month guideline.

We are going to stick to just the porridge for at least the first few weeks and then over time slowly start introducing different flavours and making our own purees week by week to ensure we can identify any allergies or intolerance.

When did you start to wean your little one?

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Baptising Florence

Baptising Florence

We have had a wonderful weekend of celebration with our family & friends. Yesterday we had Florence baptised. Our friends & family gathered together in the very same church that I was Christened in almost twenty four years ago. The Christening was part of the […]

Florence is 3 months old!

Florence is 3 months old!

Little Florence,  it would seem you are longer a teeny tiny newborn. You’re growing at a rate of knots and this last month you have continued to surprise us with how quickly you are coming into your own. At 2 months old you are absolutely full of […]