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DIY Easter Bunny Treat Bag Tutorial

DIY Easter Bunny Treat Bag Tutorial

So you guys seemed to love my DIY reindeer food sack  tutorial at Christmas so much, so I thought I’d try and recreate something similar for Easter. These little Bunny treat bags are just the cutest and add a lovely extra touch to your Easter […]

DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper

DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper

With all eyes on the impact we have on the planet I’m making a conscious effort to make this Christmas as Eco Friendly as possible. I’ve tried to opt for wooden toys over plastic for Florence, I’ve made a lot of gifts rather than bought […]

How to make a Pumpkin Table Centrepiece

How to make a Pumpkin Table Centrepiece

With Hallowe’en all over and done with for most of us, I’ll bet there are a whole bunch of redundant pumpkins hanging around your homes right now. Well, think twice before you completely write them off and take them out with the rubbish… I’ve got a way you can carry on using them well into the last few weeks of Autumn: make a pumpkin table centre piece.

You’ll likely have seen these all over my social media over the last couple of weeks as I actually made them to use as centre pieces at a wedding I had planned. I had so many lovely comments about them and you can see why – they are just gorgeous and make a perfect autumnal decoration around the home as well as adding a seasonal touch to your special occasions. They’re super simple to make too.

We actually went and picked our pumpkins at a local farm and because of the wedding colour scheme opted for white ones rather than your traditional orange but either works. I guess you could even go with green ones too!

Simply cut the top off as you would if you were carving a jack o’ lantern and scoop out the insides. If you are reusing a pumpkin you’ve already carved then you’re already half way there.

Grab yourself a plastic plant pot (you could also use an emptied and washed out tin or glass jar) which has a rim a similar circumference to the lid of your pumpkin. If you’d prefer not to see the top of your pot once it’s inside, you can cut the top rim off or alternatively wrap it in tin foil.

Slot the pot inside your pumpkin and line the bottom with either cotton wool or kitchen towel.

Now for the flowers! You can either buy a bouquet from the shops or your local florists or if you have one nearby, you could head out and pick your own wildflowers at a local PYO Farm. It all depends on the look you’re going for.

I used a combination of pink roses, gypsophila and these beautiful navy blue thistles.

Simply cut the stems down to size and arrange them inside your pumpkin before filling the pot around half way with water.

If you’ve recycled your spooky pumpkin, you could either just turn it around so that the original carving doesn’t show or wrap your plant pot in battery / solar powered fairy lights to make it glow! Just make sure you put the battery pack out the back of the pumpkin so it doesn’t get wet!

There you have it, a beautiful seasonal centrepiece which will look fab in your home.

Once you’re done and are ready to dispose of your pumpkin, why not leave it outside for the local wildlife to feast on? Squirrels and birds LOVE pumpkin.

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