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Our Newborn Essentials

Our Newborn Essentials

Now that Florence is officially out of the new born stage – *sobs!* – I though I would give you a bit of a run down on the products & other things which made our lives a whole lot easier in those early days with […]

Zippy Bibs Baby Blanket Review

Zippy Bibs Baby Blanket Review

As a new parent, you really can never have too many blankets. Whether it’s a special Granny knit, a fleecey snuggle baby blanket, or a giant muslin, we very rarely leave the house without at least one.  This month, as part of our Zippy Bibs […]

Bath time fun with Teddy & Friends by Hape

Bath time fun with Teddy & Friends by Hape

It’s safe to say Florence absolutely ADORES bath time! It is a key part of our daily routine and BOY do we pay for it if for whatever reason we skip it. Like me, a warm bubbly bath seems to completely relax her and get her ready to wind down for bedtime. Of course. no bath time would be complete without some gentle play and I always have at least two or three toys to hand, including our Hot Air Balloon mobile which hangs above her, when it comes to bath time. We’ve recently introduced a new set of squirty toys to bath time and so far they’re a definite hit with Florence!

The Teddy & Friends Squirter set from Hape has four friendly characters – two teddy bears complete with rubber rings, a blue whale & a rubber duck along with a white cloud setting the scene for a day at the beach.

Bath Time Fun Hape Bath Toys

They are  bright and colourful making them eye catching for baby enhancing the sensory experience of bath play. We especially love the bright blue whale!

Hape Bath Toys 2

Hape Bath Toys 5

Each toy has a little squirty hole which you can suck water in with and squirt water out of. Florence likes to watch water fall so we hold them up high and squeeze it out for her to see. I also use them to wash the bubbles off of her tummy which she finds very funny!  Hape Bath Toys 1

Seemingly made from a stronger plastic than other bath toys we own, they are quite difficult to squeeze, especially for little hands, something that may get easier with use.Hape Bath Toys 3

These little characters will also come in handy for other types of play as well as bath time fun. I am looking forward to using them in our Sensory play sessions in weeks to come & we’ve already used the cloud in our rainbow play – Florence loves it when I squeeze it and the cold air blows out onto her toes!

This set would make a really lovely gift for a new baby or a first birthday and is available at Amazon for £9.99.

Bath Time Play pin

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Blade & Rose Summer Set Review

Blade & Rose Summer Set Review

As you know I am a complete baby clothing addict. I cannot walk past a shop without having to go in and check out their baby range, nor scroll through instagram without clicking on the link of those reeeally cute rainbow leggings Florence just must […]

Baby Clothing Brands We LOVE

Baby Clothing Brands We LOVE

I’m often asked by friends, family & blog readers for recommendations of the best places to get good quality beautiful baby clothes and as Florence has such a vast wardrobe I think I’m pretty clued up in this department. Here is a list of some […]

Florence’s Toy Box – Our Baby Play Essentials at Two Months Old

Florence’s Toy Box – Our Baby Play Essentials at Two Months Old

I mentioned in Florence’s last baby update that she is becoming more and more interested in toys and we incorporate play time into every single day – have done since she was just a couple of weeks old really. We’ve been taking some baby play tips from my friend Jennie as well as more or less winging it along the way and I thought I would share with you the contents of Florence’s toy box at two months old.

Fabric blocks

I picked up these fabric blocks from a bootfair just before Florence was born and we used them from around two weeks old for short amounts of time throughout the day. Each face is a different pattern or texture and the black and white contrast sides were perfect for early play. Florence was born with a lazy eye and we used these to help train it to move about. I tend to build towers of all different shapes for Florence to feel and knock down. They’re perfect for just popping in the changing bag for play on the go.Baby Play

Lamaze Activity Spiral

This bright & colourful activity spiral is perfect for play time at home or out and about. It simply loops around your pushchair bar or car seat handle or can be laid next to your baby on a play mat. There are so many different variations of Activity Spirals out there but we chose this one for its contrasting patterns and sensory offerings.

Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Travel Mobile

This has been attached to our pushchair from the moment it arrived. It’s a simple clip on mobile with high contrasting colours to attract a baby’s attention. Perfect for keeping Florence occupied on the go!IMG_0932

Octivity Time

We’ve only recently introduced Octivity Time to our play time as it’s age recommendation is actually six months +, however I’m quite happy for it to be something new for Florence to look at. The cuddly Octopus has a different feature and pattern on each leg including rings, flaps, crinkly fabric and her favourite – a mirror! We use this toy both at home on a blanket or on the play mat and on the go as it has a handy velcro loop which can be used to attache it to the pushchair or carseat. In months to come, Florence will be able to explore this toy even further, but for now taking in all of the colours and grabbing onto the plastic rings suits her just fine.BABY PLAY OCTIVITY TIME

Hot Air Balloon mobile

So, while not technically in her toy box I still wanted to mention her gorgeous hot air balloon mobile from Mini Maison. You might have seen it in our nursery tour already. Florence absolutely LOVES gazing up at this and we also have one hanging up above where she has her bath in the evenings. nursery tour 16

Books, books & more books! 

We read to Florence every single day. As well as introducing her to language and rythm, children’s books  are filled with bright and bold illustrations which she just loves to look at. Reading is a nice gentle way to start the day here and a really relaxed way to ease yourself into baby play time in those early days. The works tend to always have good deals on children’s fiction and you can often pick books up from just £1 so I always recommend there.BABY PLAY BOOKS

Finger Puppets

These animal finger puppets were a bargain at £3 per set in Primark. I stumbled upon them by chance but they have become a firm favourite in Florence’s toy box. They make the perfect story telling aid and these ones are even perfect for use in the bath too!BABY PLAY, FINGER PUPPETS, STORY TIME


Bee Egg Rattle

Florence’s grip has really come on leaps and bounds over the last couple of weeks and she is forever in search of things to grasp with her hands. This Bee rattle from Mothercare is a lovely first rattle with lots of features which mean it will last well into the teething stages and has parts to help with fine motor skills when Florence is a little older too. An all round long lasting toy for just a fiver!MOTHERCARE BEE EGG RATTLE

Mothercare Rolling Balls

While, again, these are marked as suitable for six months +, we are using them slightly earlier. At the moment Florence just lookes at them and watches us play & shake them, but once she’s that bit older she’ll be able to do that herself. BABY PLAY rolling balls


Ah, Shleepy! This clever little comforter is jam packed with features for little ones to explore. Super soft and cuddly, his four hooves each have different textures including two sillicone ones perfect for use as a teether, as well as a dummy holding tail and being made from breathable fabric!Shleepy Baby comforter, baby play, baby sensory

Purflo Shleepy comforter, teething toes, sensory play, baby play, new born play

Play Mat

Your Safari play mat is probably the toy we get the most use out of as we use it several times a day. I tend to change your nappy and get you dressed after your bath on here and you often like to just chill and kick about during the day while watching the toys hang above you. It has raised petals around the outside which we use during Tummy Time.

We also have some other comforters and soft toys that we sometimes incorporate into our baby play, but those mentioned above are the toys we use the most. I’d love to know how you incorporate play into your baby’s daily routine and what’s inside your toy box!

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HushCush Nursing Pillow Review & Giveaway

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Zippidy Doo Dah – We’re Zippy Bib Ambassadors!

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