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Cuddledry Cuddleroar Towel Review

Cuddledry Cuddleroar Towel Review

Florence definitely takes after me in her love for bath time. She has always been a water baby and I’d go as far to say that it is probably her favourite time of day. The only thing we sometimes find tricky about bathtime is when […]

Hape Little Red Bus Review

Hape Little Red Bus Review

As you know, we’re working with Hape in the lead up to Christmas to share our thoughts on a selection of their baby toys. Last week, I told you all about all the fun we’ve been having with our Penguin wobbler and this week I […]

Jingle Jangle Penguin Play – Hape Penguin Musical Wobbler Review

Jingle Jangle Penguin Play – Hape Penguin Musical Wobbler Review

We are so thrilled to be working with one of our favourite Toy Brands again in the lead up to Christmas. If you’re a regular around here, you might remember that a few months back, Hape sent us an adorable set of bath toys to test out and we loved them. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be showcasing some of the other fab toys they have on offer which might give you a little bit of inspiration when it comes to your Christmas shopping. Today I want to tell you about their Penguin Musical Wobbler *.

This little guy is possibly our new favourite here. He’s a fresh take on the traditional weeble. You can make him wibble and wobble and he won’t full down which is great for teaching your baby about cause and effect. Every time Florence taps him or pushes him, he wobbles but bounces back quickly ready to do it all again.hape penguin wobble 2


His wings click and clack and flip and flap and he makes a lovely and calming jingly sound when he moves and Florence loves to hear it! It makes the game all the more fun. In actual fact, I am certain that this penguin’s chime has magic powers. Six hours into our journey home from Cornwall, when Florence had just about had enough, and I’d exhausted pretty much every nursery rhyme I could think of, I wobbled him on my hand and she was immediately soothed and asleep within about five minutes.

He’s great for on the go as he’s the perfect size to just pop in the changing bag too and in case he gets grubby he can be easily wiped clean.

We sing, to the tune of Dingle Dangle Scarecrow.

I’m a Jingle  Jangle Penguin

With my Flippy Flappy Wings

If you wobble me around

You’ll hear my belly sing!hape penguin wobble 4

We had my friend and her little boy, who is the same age as Florence, over last week and he loved it just as much as she does. I have a feeling his Mummy will be investing in one!

The Penguin Musical Wobbler* can also be enjoyed by older siblings as demonstrated by my friend Jennie in her very own review where she shares some other lovely penguin themed gift ideas for children.

At only £12.99 he is well worth the money and would make a lovely gift for your baby this year.


*I am a member of Amazon Associates, which means I can earn commission from purchases through links in my posts. The use of “*” next to linked text indicates that by clicking on this link, should you purchase the item, I will receive a percentage of the purchase price.  As a new family, every little penny helps but if you would prefer not to use an affiliated link to purchase this item you can click here.

As mentioned before, we were sent this Penguin Musical Wobbler by our friends at Hape in return for our honest feedback. All of the opinions published in this review are my own.

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Autumn Baby Play

Autumn Baby Play

With Autumn in fall swing, we have bought the colours & textures of my favourite season inside for some Autumn baby play, making use of some of our most loved toys too! Just like our garden play last month, this weeks play theme has been […]

Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Fox

Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Fox

I’d never heard of Skip Hop as a brand before, until my friend Jennie told me all about their baby toys. I’ve ogled at her Camping Cubs Play Mat each time we’ve visited! Last week, while on the hunt for toys to add to our […]

Our Newborn Essentials

Our Newborn Essentials

Now that Florence is officially out of the new born stage – *sobs!* – I though I would give you a bit of a run down on the products & other things which made our lives a whole lot easier in those early days with Florence, our newborn essentials which I’d recommend to anyone who is about to have a baby, be it your first, second or tenth.

Poddle Pod

We used this every single day for the first couple of months and Florence still goes in it now at least a few times a week. It was a bit of a life saver in the beginning as I could lay Florence down next to me and she’d still feel cuddled and snug meaning I could eat my dinner while it was still warm or even pop to the loo baby free! We also use it as a tummy time aid. I wrote a full review when Florence was four weeks old which you can read here. Poddle Pod #5

PurFlo SleepnestIMG_0765

We used this so much in the early days and we’ve recently got it back out to use for day time naps as the Poddle Pod is getting that bit too small now. It’s a fully breathable sleep nest designed to keep babby feeling safe & snug. I often lay Florence down in her cot inside the nest which we hope will help with the transition from crib to cot in months to come! She loves looking at the elephant pattern too1

Giant Muslins

These are an absolute God-Send! Be it catching projectile sick, wiping dribble, swaddling baby, covering up while you’re feeding or acting as a makeshift changing mat, picnic blanket or play mat these are your best friend and a total must have item for your changing bag!  We love our starry ones from Zippy.


The newborn safe sleep alternative to a sleeping bag, the Gro-Snug is an essential for babies who like to be swaddled while encouraging a healthy hip position at the same time. We used our Gro-Snug every night until Florence grew out of it and it takes away the need or worry of blankets or cot bedding!Gro-Snug 4

Holly Willoughby – Truly Happy Baby

I bought a whole bunch of parenting books while I was pregnant and yet only actually read two of them. Truly Happy Baby is so honestly written and completely demonstrates that when raising children, one size definitely doesn’t fit all. It’s jam packed with lots of tips and Mum hacks and it was such a comfort to have in those early days when we weren’t sure about something.


This might seem like a no brainer but a whole bunch of sleep suits are essential for a newborn. We had lots from different brands but our favorites are mothercare & Boots Mini Club. They just seem to wash better, keep softer for longer and fit well so worth paying that little bit extra for.zippy blanket

Freezer Meals

The hours spent batch cooking, cooling & freezing meals while I was pregnant were SO worth it! We could relax in the knowledge that come dinner time there would be an easy no fuss meal to heat up every night for the first two weeks.


Florence suffered with mild colic in the early days and so we turned to infacol which really helped her bring up that wind.

Ewan the Dream Sheep

Granted, we’ve been so so lucky as Florence is a brilliant sleeper and uber chilled baby, but on those days when we just couldn’t get her to settle we turned to our friend Ewan! He plays four different cycles of white noise and is a super cute little night light too.IMG_0348

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Steriliser & bottles

We’ve bottle fed Florence from the very beginning and with that comes a daily cycle of washing, steralising & preparing bottles, often on next to no sleep or late at night when you’ve totally forgotten about them! The electric steam steriliser is really good and super easy to use.


Last but not least, I would recommend a SnuzPod to any new parent. A fab alternative to a moses basket, the SnuzPod is a bedside crib designed with comfort, ease and safety in mind and can be used as a stand alone crib or co-sleeper. I love waking up and seeing Florence through the mesh window in the morning & the zip down sides make it easy to lift / transfer baby in and out.

I have been sent some of these items for review purposes however all thoughts are my own & we really do genuinely recommend all of the above products for new parents!

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Zippy Bibs Baby Blanket Review

Zippy Bibs Baby Blanket Review

As a new parent, you really can never have too many blankets. Whether it’s a special Granny knit, a fleecey snuggle baby blanket, or a giant muslin, we very rarely leave the house without at least one.  This month, as part of our Zippy Bibs […]

Bath time fun with Teddy & Friends by Hape

Bath time fun with Teddy & Friends by Hape

It’s safe to say Florence absolutely ADORES bath time! It is a key part of our daily routine and BOY do we pay for it if for whatever reason we skip it. Like me, a warm bubbly bath seems to completely relax her and get […]