Mama Mio Skincare Review

Mama Mio Skincare Review

From the moment you find out you are pregnant you are given all sorts of guidelines to follow on how to keep your body healthy and prepare for your baby’s safe arrival.  One of the things people said to me from the get go was ‘Look after you skin.’

With all those extra hormones rushing around your body , it’s no surprise that pregnancy can cause many changes to your skin and so it only makes sense that your skincare routine should change accordingly too. I was very lucky to be gifted a Pregnancy Saviours kit from Mama Mio Skincare at the JoJo Maman Bebe Spring preview back in November and have been using their products every day since. The kit contains four of the Mama Mio best sellers, all handpicked and designed to offer that little bit of luxury when it comes to looking after yourself and your growing bump.

One of the main changes you expect to happen to your skin during pregnancy is for it to stretch, especially across your tummy. I started to show pretty early on, and while the idea of having stretch marks on my tummy never really bothered me, I was on the hunt for products to relieve the itching caused by the skin stretching when I discovered The Tummy Rub Butter. This unique body butter was designed to improve the elasticity of your skin as it grows, changes shape and shrinks again after birth. Absolutely packed to the brim with omega packed organic oils, vitamin E and moisture rich Shea Butter, I’ve used this lotion daily after a bath and have found it to be a bit of an all round miracle worker. At nearly 28 weeks pregnant, I’ve got only one stretch mark on my stomach and that’s right down by my knicker line. Considering I am so often told how big my bump is for this stage of pregnancy I think that’s quite impressive. The itching does still come and go, but not as often as other Mum -to-be’s have mentioned and my skin feels super soft and strong. Plus using it has helped calm down my surgery scars too.  I really wish I’d read the label and used it more on my bottom and thighs in the beginning, the skin in those areas aren’t in quite so good condition.


The other part of you that unsurprisingly grows during pregnancy is your boobs! While, just like your tummy, they are likely to shrink back down to size once baby is here or you’ve finished breast feeding, this is a perk many of us A Cup girls enjoy quite a lot. I’ve never had a fuller bust! The skin in this area however is a lot more delicate than some other parts of your body and so doesn’t always cope too well to the rapid growth that pregnancy can bring. I’ve been using the Mama Mio Pregnancy Boob Tube lotion included in the set to try and strengthen and elasticise the skin around my breasts to reduce them sagging quite so much after birth. While I’ve developed quite a lot of stretch marks across my boobs (I actually think they went into a little bit of shock having not grown at all since I was 13!) the Pregnancy Boob Tube has helped a lot to soothe aches and pains. As for the sagging… only time will tell!mama mio boob tube

My favourite product from this kit however, has to be the Lucky Legs Energising Leg Gel – whoever thought up this product is a genius. I often get home after a long day of being on my feet and the first thing I do is reach for this little tube. Lucky Legs is expertly formulated with a combination of oils & spearmint to ease tired and achey legs & feet in a matter of seconds and honestly feels like a mini spa treatment. I use 1-2 pumps on each leg and gently apply from my toes to my knees daily. With all this use, I am so very nearly at the end of the bottle so I’m definitely going to have to pick up another at The Baby Show this weekend to get me through the third trimester. mama mio lucky legs

And last but not least, and while technically not skincare related,  I’ve been using their liquid yoga spray to help me relax at night time or when things get a little stressful. One spray on a pillow or on your pulse points helps to promote deep sleep and ease the tension that often lead to those nasty hormone headaches we’re susceptible to during pregnancy. mama mio liquid yoga

Overall this set is perfect for all expecting Mama’s who are in need of a great skincare regime for their changing and stretching skin. Mama Mio skincare have a whole host of other products designed specifically for pregnant and new Mums who deserve a little bit of pampering. I am definitely going to look in to investing in some of their Super Star in a Jar lip balm for my hospital bag.

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