3 Top Tips for Tummy Time Success

Wherever we go, be it baby classes, clinic, to friend’s houses there’s one thing everyone seems to be talking about and that’s tummy time! I’ll admit, to begin with I hardly ever placed Florence on her tummy, she wasn’t keen and I was nervous around it but over the last couple of weeks we’ve really upped our game and Florence is enjoying being on her belly a lot more. I’ve put together these three tummy time tips that have worked for us!

Place baby at eye level

This really helped us in our early of Tummy Time days & still does if Florence is a bit reluctant. Place baby on the sofa or the bed and sit on the floor in front of her. I tend to chat or sing and it helps to get her attention. Baby’s love checking out their Mama’s face so offering her that eye contact while you play will encourage her to look up and build that neck strength!tummy time tips 4

Try a variety of different props

Florence isn’t keen on doing Tummy time activities on a flat surface and so we turn to a few different things to help elevate her. Our number one Tummy Time aid is our Poddle Pod, but we also use a variety of ordinary cushions, my pregnancy pillow, a nursing pillow & the edges of her play mat!Tummy Time Tips

Create a distraction! 

One of the best ways we’ve found to prolong Tummy Time is to create a distraction! Florence is the best she is at Tummy Time when there are other babies to watch at our Sensory Play class, but there are plenty more ways you can distract your baby from the fact they are on their tummy. Placing a mirror or pattern in their view, singing songs and chatting to them and rolling a noisey or reflective toy are all fail safes for us!

Tummy Time Tips 2

Tummy Time Tips 3

Tummy Time Tips PIN

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