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As women we are pretty much hit over the head with rules and regulations to follow when it comes to our health, constantly told what’s normal and what’s not but it’s daft to think that everyone is the same. What’s normal for you might be completely abnormal for another, and so the Know Your Normal campaign is here to encourage you to get to grips with what’s normal for you when it comes to your body and your health, and to report any changes you notice – whether they’re in your boobs, your period or your unborn baby’s movements – for your own peace of mind. Why? Because only you know your body, only you can tell when things aren’t quite right and only you can take the step to get checked out. With any luck, everything will be hunky dory, but in the event that it’s not, at least there’s a good chance any complications will have been spotted early and can be treated if need be.KYN FACEBOOK COVER

So this little space is for people to share their stories – Gah!  I hate that phrase -, raise awareness and a little bit of money for the charities who work so super duper hard to raise awareness of the importance of tracking changes in your body.  So if you’ve a story you’d like to share please do get in touch and email with Know Your Normal in the subject line – we’d love to hear from you.


Upcoming Events

CHALLENGE ONE: Dirty Dozen Race – 16th April 2016 COMPLETE!

#GIRLPOWER Charity Day @ The Mall Maidstone – 21st May COMPLETE!

Charity Calendar Photo Shoot – 9-10th June 2016 – COMPLETE!

#GIRLPOWER Charity Day @ The Mall, Maidstone – 11th June – COMPLETE!

CHALLENGE TWO: Virtual Fun Run – July

Know Your Normal Charity Calendar Launch Party- 15th September

We wanted to come up with a way to involve people from all over the country to join in with some awareness / fund raising and so have decided to run a ‘Virtual Fun Run’. All you have to do to be a part of the event is sign up here for £5

Sponsorship Opportunities

If you run a business or organisation which would be interested in sponsoring one of our upcoming fundraising events or projects we would love to talk to you.

CHARITY CALENDAR LAUNCH PARTY : We are currently looking for sponsorship to fund a launch party for our Know Your Normal Calendar  For more information, please contact Ami at

PEN PAL PROGRAM: If you would like to sponsor our pen pal program set to be launched in the summer get in touch by emailing Ami at

CHARITY TOMBOLA: If you would like to provide prizes for our charity tombolas throughout the year, please email